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Clinical Psychologist Jordan Peterson: "Its a moral obligation to pursue what you find meaningful"

November 12, 2021: Jordan Peterson offers highly valuable words of wisdom in a time when employers have a disproportionate degree of power and influence over their employees. Nevertheless, employees can reclaim a balance of influence and self-esteem over rogue employers by staying true to their pursuit of meaning in life and preservation of personal values. No job and no employer is ever worth compromising or giving up your values, beliefs, and domain over personal decisions and choice.

Jordan Peterson on the need to stay true to your moral obligation (cited from video):

"You're a lot stronger that you think. .. If you're being oppressed, in your soul, by what your required to swallow at work. Do you think you are not paying a price for that? You have no self-respect, rightly so. Worse than that, you are an agent of your own destruction. You're destroying your own ideal. You're letting people who are weak and corrupt win.

You cannot do this casually. If you stood up from some position of preparedness and strength. What makes you think you can't scare them [the employer] back into the corner. .. You have a duty to stand up. The consequences of not speaking up, although delayed, are far worse than [anything else]."

The rally-call, here, is obvious. Employees should never capitulate to employers at the cost of foregoing a single human or civil right. In a lifetime, there will be nothing greater in value than pursuing, attaining, and protecting an individual's need for purpose and meaning. It truly is "a moral obligation to pursue what you find meaningful" and to "firmly resist anyone or anything attempting to steal that God-given unalienable right from you".

By: Extremely American Coilin Wright

About Jordan Peterson:

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist and the author of the multi-million copy bestseller 12 Rules for Life


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