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Conservative Politician Derek Sloan carries the torch of courage in Canada

June 18, 2021: Canadian Conservative political leader Derek Sloan has been a rare voice of concern about the political and public health corruption (and censorship) sweeping through Canada at the federal and provincial level. Canada's horrendous Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the lead on the use and manipulation of Covid tyranny to push his destructive globalist agenda. The veneer of Covid public health policy has allowed Trudeau to advance his brand of authoritarian socialism all while duping much of the Canadian 'low-information' population. The provincial leaders across the country (most notably Ontario's Doug Ford, Albert's Jason Kinney, Quebec's Francois Legault, and BC's John Horgan) have all choreographed their province-wide tyranny to match the tyranny of Trudeau - it is clear all of them are following a globalist script that works against the interest and well being of Canadians.

The Derek Sloan video link (below) offers a lens into Canada through a rare honest politician. Sloan's comments along with his medical expert guests (Dr. Byram Bridel, Dr. Patrick Phillips, and Dr. Don Welsh) provide an honesty about Covid and Covid health policy that is never covered by other Canadian politicians, politicized public health agencies, and Canadian mainstream media. Derek Sloan's urgent request for expert whistleblowers to come forward has resulted in hundreds of doctors, registered nurses, scientists, front line medical experts, and military personnel to courageously document and submit their first-hand experiences of systemic Covid corruption and Covid censorship from politicians, media, and health care bureaucrats. It is time for Canadians to rise up against the tyranny taking place in their once proud and free country - Derek Sloan is providing a strong lead for all other Canadians to follow.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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