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Consumers’ Research Launches ‘Woke Alert’: Automatically Track & Boycott Woke Companies

Consumers’ Research Launches ‘Woke Alert’ for Keeping Tab on Companies

April 16, 2023 (Updated): Nonprofit Consumers’ Research has launched an initiative called “Woke Alert” that monitors and notifies people about progressive and “dangerous ideas” pushed forward by corporations.

People can sign up for Woke Alert notifications through the Consumers’ Research website. Members will begin receiving alerts from the nonprofit about any company that pushes a leftist woke agenda as well as reasons driving such actions. “Many corporations are putting progressive activists and their dangerous agendas ahead of customers. They’ll only succeed if we look the other way,” according to the initiative.

“When companies choose to cave to the woke agenda and abandon their loyal customers, you should be the first to know … That’s why we’ve created Woke Alerts,” Will Hild, executive director of Consumers’ Research, said in an April 14 tweet. The alert service has exposed several major businesses including Bud Light, Jack Daniels, Bank of America, NFL, WNBA, and BlackRock. It also exposes woke individuals in positions of power as well as educational entities pushing the agenda.

Founded in 1929, Consumers’ Research’s mission is to “educate and protect” consumers from harmful products. In May 2021, the organization launched the “Consumers First Initiative” to expose companies that have “chosen to put woke politics above consumer interests.”

Pushing Woke Ideologies

The most recent related initiative by a company that triggered massive public backlash is Bud Light’s promotional partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

To celebrate Mulvaney’s 365 days of transition, Bud Light sent specialized cans that featured the influencer’s face. An official Bud Light campaign featured Mulvaney in a bathtub drinking Bud Light beer.

The promotion of the transgender agenda infuriated traditional Bud Light customers across the United States, following which came sharp criticism and calls for a boycott. According to Haley Vanzandt, co-owner of Robbers Roost Sports Grill in Arizona, sales of Bud Light dropped over 80 percent in the past week.

“It used to be one of the two best sellers,” Vanzandt said. “We have other things to sell. People are just switching to different beers. They just won’t do Bud Light.”

In February, Apple introduced a new feature that only enables iPhones to charge at full speed when “lower carbon emission electricity is available.”

American whiskey brand Jack Daniels has also come under backlash over a 2021 ad campaign featuring drag queens. One of the campaigns run by the company was called “Small Town, Big Pride.”

Woke Ideology in America

In an interview with “American Thought Leaders,” Jeffrey Tucker, founder and president of The Brownstone Institute, warns that woke ideology has “taken over corporate America and education.”

“I once thought woke ideology would stay trapped in the universities among professors speaking nonsense to a bunch of incredulous students, that once students got into the free market, they would forget about it,” he said. “That didn’t happen. Those ideologies bled out of the academy and into all the institutions, the corporate boardrooms, the investment stock portfolios, the government, and the media. It became a fast-spreading cancer.”

Meanwhile, as corporations increasingly take up woke ideologies based on race, gender, and climate change, conservative entrepreneurs are sensing a business opportunity.

In an interview with The Epoch Times, Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, pointed out that there is a “huge market” for such businesses.

Around half the nation is a potential market, Meckler says while estimating the number of customers among the voting-age public to be around 75 million to 80 million.

“If I were not doing politics right now, that’s the space I would be in,” he said. “I would be looking at every market segment that I could and I would be starting every kind of conservative company that I could.”


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