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"Coordinated Confusion" by Eric Dobbs

July 14, 2021: A key element to any good mystery is figuring out “who done it”. As the story plays out and new evidence is revealed, probable suspects change also. A successful reader is engaged. Coordinated chaos is not only fundamental to a good mystery, it is also useful in disinformation campaigns and agendas.

So commonly we observe the back and forth on cable news and social media between conservatives vs liberal, Republican vs Democrat. Can one side be right all of the time? Can the other side wrong all of time? Can both sides be right? Can both sides be wrong? Rationally speaking all of the aforementioned options are impossible; it’s all a show. I shall attempt to illustrate why.

I’m old enough to remember when the evening news was boring. Really boring! After Nixon resigned network news executives had an epiphany; chaos and confusion sells. Since such time networks and self-serving politicians have worked in tandem to sow chaos to achieve the ultimate political prize of power.

The “confusion game” has evolved beyond the political parties and into the realm of network “news” shows, political websites, and blogosphere. All of which have a slant and they are all codependent. CNN must have FOX and vice versa to point the finger. The opposing side serve as the faux means of verification the others are “crazy”. But look carefully at the sponsors. All that the networks really care about are eyeballs. Truthful and pertinent content are tertiary.

So what’s the point? Why spend millions in salaries and pay as much to push 24X7 content on ancillary topics? It’s about control. While the networks and polls fight about masks vs. no mask, vax vs. anti-vax, illegal vs illegal, the devil in the details leaves the citizens with fewer liberties, and those elected with more money and power.

If there are two oxymorons to summarize modern times they would be objective journalism and honest politicians. The solution however is still based in truth. For those that care, remember there is the original source of truth in God and the founding principles of this great nation in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States. Everything else is fodder for confusion.

By: Extremely American Journalist & Atlanta-based Contributor Eric Dobbs


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