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Covid-19 & Covid Public Health Policy: Your own personal checklist of things to know

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Feb 24, 2021: This brief, but critically important summary, contains information that every person should consider when forming a personal plan of attack regarding covid-19 and covid public health policy. A firm understanding of the points mentioned, below, will position our EA community to thrive in today’s world regardless of the egregious abuses and lies coming from deceitful politicians and public health policy tyrants. Give careful consideration to each point provided and determine your own set of conclusions and priorities as you navigate through the ‘tricky waters’ of the covid public health policy hoax and deceitful mainstream media coverage.

1. Masks will not prevent exposure to or contraction of covid: Oxford University's Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr Tom Jefferson have concluded there is “a troubling lack of robust evidence on face masks and Covid-19.” (Daily Mail – Connor Boyd; November 19, 2020) Professor Heneghan and Dr Jefferson added, “The low number of studies into the effect different interventions [masks] have on the spread of Covid-19 – a subject of global importance – suggests there is a total lack of interest from governments in pursuing evidence-based medicine.” These comments are based on a Danish study (involving 6,000 participants) which concluded that 1.8% of a group wearing masks had been infected with the virus while 2.1% in the unmasked group had tested positive for Covid-19 (a statistically insignificant difference). The Danish study, which is considered the most thorough research available (and published in the highly respected Annals of Internal Medicine), was carried out in April and May of 2020 with a decision by Danish authorities not to recommend wearing face coverings.

2. Perpetual mask wearing is unhealthy: Simply stated, indefinite and constant use of masks will reduce oxygen flow into the lungs and into the bloodstream. Similarly, CO2 will be re-circulated into the lungs at unnaturally and persistently high levels. Given that covid is a respiratory ailment, it is logical to assume that frequent and persistent use of masks may exacerbate vulnerabilities and conditions that weaken the immune system’s ability to prevent and/or deal with the covid virus. There are many studies available that outline the risks associated with prolonged use of masks (pay particular attention to the studies that focus on the effects of prolonged restriction of oxygen intake, excessive CO2 intake, ineffective mask quality, and re-used mask contamination).

3. The greatest defense for people is a healthy lifestyle: A heavy dose of common sense, good hygiene, good diet, organic vitamin supplements, plenty of outdoor exercise and plenty of sleep is the best defense against covid. An optimal mix of these healthy lifestyle elements will increase your immune system’s ability to block, mitigate and recover from the risks associated with covid and other common flu viruses. Most of the health care community agree that these at-home measures are the simplest and most effective ways to combat any and all forms of flu viruses, including covid. (MedCram – Dr. Roger Seheult; 2021 medical lecture series)

4. Everyone, at some point, will come in contact with the covid virus: It is agreed by all experts in of epidemiology and virology that every person who has not yet come in contact with the covid virus will eventually come in contact with it and all of its variants. As in the case with all flu strains, the world’s population will be exposed to them at one point or another (so hiding behind a mask is an exercise in futility). Dr. Sarah Cody, Director of the Santa Clara County Department states, “coronavirus will be around for a very long time and, at some point, everyone will probably be infected.” (Santa Clara Health Announcement - Dr. Sarah Cody; April 6, 2020) Dr. Cody went on to say this is a marathon and that we have to keep ourselves nourished and keep our energy good.

5. There are no guarantees that the vaccine will prevent a person from contracting covid: There are no guarantees that come with any vaccine, covid related or otherwise. The current set of covid vaccines will not guarantee prevention of contracting covid. Speaking at a press conference, even the WHO’s chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said “there is yet to be any evidence that coronavirus vaccines are going to prevent people from actually getting the infection and therefore being able to pass it on”. ( – Hannah Paine; December 29, 2020) On the contrary, WHO Health Emergencies Director Dr. Mike Ryan went on record by stating, “The likely scenario is the virus will become another endemic virus, a virus that will remain somewhat of a threat but a very low-level threat.” Dr. Ryan considers the development of a high efficacy covid vaccine capable of fully eradicating this virus as “a moonshot that, at this point and based on the tools available, is impossible to confirm.” As always, we must take anything communicated by the WHO with the greatest degree of skepticism and rigour, however, it is telling that even the WHO is not standing by the panacea of covid vaccines currently being employed.

6. The covid vaccines are based on gene altering science at the molecular level: In order to diffuse the natural human concern over the covid vaccine ‘science’, politicians and public health officials continue to downplay the risks and efficacy of the gene altering science used to develop covid vaccines. Nevertheless, it is an appropriate human instinct and reaction to closely scrutinize how the covid vaccine was developed, how it works, and what short and long-term consequences come with a covid injection. There is clearly a ‘defensiveness’ and ‘sensitivity’ from the so-called ‘experts’ whenever asked to explain the science of mRNA and DNA gene therapy. When asked to comment on the controversy swirling around the use of gene therapy and genetic engineering in vaccine development, consider the response given by University of Virginia professor David Martin who snapped the words, “Yes, some covid vaccines use genetic engineering. Get over it!” (LifeSite – David McCloone; February 4, 2021) This sort of insensitive and arrogant response from the medical research community should only serve to raise suspicions about the science and scientists involved in covid vaccine development. In another interview, Dr David Martin claimed, “It won’t reprogram your brain. But it does reprogram some of your cells, in a manner of speaking. And that’s not a defect, it’s intentional - mRNA is not a vaccination, it’s a gene therapy.” (Cornell Alliance for Science – Mark Lynas; December 17, 2020) Anne Trafton of MIT offered these words in response to explaining the science of gene therapy, “Messenger RNA is a large hydrophilic molecule. It does not naturally enter cells by itself, and so these vaccines are wrapped up in nanoparticles that facilitate their delivery inside of cells. This allows the RNA to be delivered inside of cells, and then translated into proteins.” (MIT News – Anne Trafton; December 20, 2020) Given the science involved and the experimental nature of the vaccine being used, the least one should do is ask many questions and avoid being forced into a vaccine that is in you for good (at a molecular level) once it is injected.

7. The vaccines are experimental in nature with no long-term efficacy data available: California’s Chapter of Children’s Health Defence (CHD) puts the experimental nature of covid vaccines into the most sobering terms in its recent publication ‘ The Experimental Covid Vaccines: The Trail of Death, Serious Injuries and Disabilities Continues to Mount’ (February 22, 2021) This CHD article comes highly recommended for those who remain curious and concerned about the experimental nature of a set of covid vaccines that have been rushed through the FDA approval process and flooded into the global population. The prologue to this impactful article reads as follows: “Deaths and adverse events following Covid vaccines continue to mount as over 200 million doses have been administered worldwide. The ‘rare’ life-threatening vaccine-related complication of immune thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP) turns out to be not-so-rare. Are health authorities and public health agencies ignoring warnings of concerned medical specialists that these vaccines could cause infertility? Covid vaccine-related adverse pregnancy outcomes of premature labor, miscarriage, hydrops fetalis, and fetal death here and abroad are revisited. Vaccine manufacturers have no liability for injuries or death from their products. Is exposing our children to the real risks of experimental Covid vaccines really in their best interest, especially when they have a statistical zero risk to the virus? Updated death reports are covered in this article.” (Children’s Health Defense – Dawn Amittai; February 22, 2021)

8. Masks are a permanent and a required sign of compliance and submission to agenda of political thugs and public health tyrants: It should be clear, by now, that elected and non-elected officials have positioned mask wearing and restrictive lockdowns as a permanent policy position. Without a strong response in opposition to these draconian actions, millions of citizens and small businesses will be beholden to any and all measures imposed by politicians and health authorities ‘as they see fit’.

9. Covid data manipulation, fudging and intellectual dishonesty: Anyone following the publication of covid statistics and metrics will notice the following. The application of data has been inconsistent, incomplete, ever-changing, non-standardized, subjectively defined, non-transparent, conflicting between sources, and seemingly introduced and suppressed based on the whims of political agendas. Jo Craven McGinty of the Wall Street Journal published an article titled ‘Covid-19 Data Remain Mired in Inconsistencies’ which is an essential read. McGinty’s conclusion is simple, “A year after the first US case, testing is uneven, case counts are too low and death tallies are incomplete”. (Wall Street Journal – Jo Craven McGinty; January 22, 2021) EA’s conclusion is that our community of informed patriots should consider the accuracy and integrity of ‘selectively’ reported covid data using extreme caution and well place scrutiny.

10.The sociopathic personalities behind the covid crisis: Consider the names and reputations of all key personalities involved in pushing the covid saga (and proposed ‘solutions’) and your skepticism should rise to meteoric levels. EA encourages every subscriber to extensively review the profiles and dubious activities of characters like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci and George Soros. Each of these uniparty global elites have a rich history of human rights abuses, corrupt business practices and maniacal transhuman obsessions – they simply cannot be trusted and their insistence on universal vaccination should be met with 100% resistance.

11.Covid was engineered, leaked and covered up by the CCP: By now, everyone should know that the covid virus was engineered and released by the CCP’s P4 Institute of Virology in Wuhan. For whatever reason, media and political leaders around the world continue to intentionally cover-up the origins of this ‘mysterious’ covid virus. The motivation to throw cover and interference for the CCP is a topic that requires a its own white paper. Suffice it to say, everyone should be concerned about the dangerous and reckless concept of ‘gain-of-function’ and those most intimately involved in profiting from this diabolical branch of research (namely global elites and transhumanists, the WHO, the WEF, large pharma corporations, dirty national politicians, and ‘God-complex’ public health authorities).

12. Economic peril is bifurcated with big business as the ‘big winner’ and small business as the ‘big loser’: The Brookings Institution offers an exceptional current economic and business analysis of covid on the US economy. The Brookings Study ‘Top 10 Facts About Covid-19 & the US Economy’ (The Brookings Institution, 2021) asserts, “The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly damaging for small businesses, which represents the largest business segment in the United States and employs nearly half of all private sector workers (Bartik, Bertrand, Cullen, et al - Small Business Administration; 2020). Small business sectors have been affected by this downturn, with severe declines in revenue among the leisure and hospitality as well as education and health services sectors. Compared to January 2020, average daily revenue as of August 9 was down by 47.5% in the leisure and hospitality sector, 16.4% in the education and health services sector, and 14.1% in the retail and transportation sector; aggregate small business revenue across all industries has fallen by 19.1%”. In Canada, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business has reported the loss of more than 200,000 small business and another 180,000 small business entrepreneurs seriously considering closing their doors permanently within the calendar year. Disastrous small business casualties like this are occurring around the world with very little attention being drawn to it by deceitful politicians and policy makers. Meanwhile, big tech and other major corporations’ businesses earnings continue to surge in the wake of small business devastation. Big tech companies Like Amazon, Google and Apple have enjoyed revenue growth rates well in excess of 50% since the start of the pandemic - at the expense of tens of millions of small business owners. (Bloomberg News; October 2020)

13.The covid story being reported by mainstream media, social media, politicians and public health officials should be considered with a massive ‘grain of salt’: In the era of fake news and hyped social media spin, this point should be self explanatory. Nevertheless, it bears repeating that politicians, public health care officials, and media have been completely inconsistent and downright dishonest about the nature of covid, the handling of covid, and a much larger agenda that is clearly being hidden from the masses.

It is hoped that this collection of considerations regarding covid-19 and covid public health policy opens the eyes of our EA followers and raises the level of commitment to learn more about this topic. As you attempt to compare the consequences of the covid virus versus the consequences of the so-called ‘cure’, keep the factors described in this article in mind. At this point, it is obvious that ‘cure’ is causing far more damaging, pain and death than the ‘virus’ itself - and this should alarm, anger and motivate everyone to challenge their elected officials to put an end to this enormous public health policy hoax. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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