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Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Reactions Roundtable - the names & faces behind the VAERS database

June 30, 2021: VAERS (US), EudraVigilance (European Community), GOV.UK (UK), and the Indian Health Ministry (India) provide data revealing millions of cases of adverse effects and thousands of deaths resulting from mRNA Covid-19 vaccinations. Let me repeat that point, the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine has caused millions of serious adverse reactions and tens of thousands of deaths around the world. What is not shown in these official adverse effect databases are the names and faces of the victims of experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

The Fox Now roundtable video provided, here, offers heartbreaking footage of two such vaccine victims. It is impossible to express in words the pain each surviving victim is going through but what can be shown by video is the absolute pain and regret that each victim is going through as a result of their perilous decision to vaccinate.

As we consider the force and manipulation with which these experimental mRNA vaccines are being pushed, ask yourself a few simple questions. Why is an experimental vaccine being forced in such haste? Why are health "experts" and "authorities" not being held accountable for the disastrous impact these vaccines are having on humanity? Why are the adverse effects being downplayed by health experts, politicians, and media? Why are world renowned doctors who are expressing grave concerns being muzzled, censored, and terminated? Why are shaming and other manipulative tactics being used to push the vaccine agenda? Why has public health policy become so politicized? The questions go on and on with dismissive arrogance and insolence from the so-called health authorities and agencies and their conspicuous accomplices in media.

The entire planet is owed answers. In the meantime, great care and caution must be taken when making a personal health decision about the experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccine. The brief Fox Now roundtable video provided, here, supports this point with the most heartbreaking images. It is unimaginable to think that millions of vaccine victims around the world are enduring the pain of this tragedy at this very moment all while our health agencies, politicians, and media downplay the experimental vaccine crisis they created.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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