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Covid & Bio Tyranny explained from its earliest origin: "The Faucian Bargain & The Fauci Lies"

December 18, 2021: There are only a small number of videos that fall into the "must-see and must-share" category. This is one such critical video that covers 3 essential themes within the context of Covid tyranny: (1) the vaccine arms race, (2) the origins of the pandemic. and (3) censorship and cover-up.

Rumble - BitChute Video Preamble & Official Film Release

This is the full Producer's uncut extended version of the Fauci Lies from Glenn Beck and

In this full extended version, learn who the real Tony Fauci is and what he and the Federal U.S. (Healthcare) Government did to push the deadliest collection of poisons worldwide in the great COVID-19 series of shots and the naked cover-up pushing evidence towards the Nuremberg II international courts! It all started back in 2002!

The U.S. Senate and Congress are now in a full review of this footage! And so is the World!

The most shocking evidence in real time is now exposed in this epic documentary from Glenn Beck and co-produced by Hollywood show creator and screenwriter/producer Gary Axion.

This is the full Official Studio Producers Uncut Version including unseen video reels of the 'REAL TONY FAUCI'.

Share this film with everyone you possibly can!

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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