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Covid Vaccine Incentives: Reprehensible new ethical lows by politicians & corporations

Updated: May 17, 2021

May 17, 2021: The video montage provided (above) offers three examples of the new ethical lows our disreputable politicians and corporations are reaching. In the first example we are treated to the arrogant and piggish display from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio "slopping" through his Shake Shack fast food. In the second example, we are treated to the pathologically corrupt Ohio Governor Mike DeWine teasing Ohio residents with lottery tickets (and "the microscopically slim chance" of winning) in exchange for the decision to vaccinate. In the third example, Krispy Kreme CEO Dave Skena flirts with his customer base by offering free doughnuts to anyone presenting proof of their Covid vaccination. In each case, these loathsome politicians and corporations are teasing Americans with incentives that play right into their greatest vices and weakness - in this set of examples, unhealthy fast food and gambling fixes. It should be seen as absolutely disgusting and reprehensible to any self-respecting individual.

Dozens of other similar vaccine incentives exist. We have seen everything from $10 fast food coupons to $20 Walmart gift cards to $100 pay bonuses to free beer events to $100 state savings bonds to 4 hours paid time-off for those who agree to take the vaccine in exchange for these pathetic and insulting "incentives".

As you pour through these desperate attempts by politicians, public health authorities, and major corporations to lure people to vaccinate (hastily), consider the following. How much value do you place on your ability and right to make personal decisions about your health without the influence of outside interference, temptation and moral suasion? These politicians and corporations value this precious human right anywhere between a few bucks to $100. They "calculate" this human right at the value of a hamburger, a lottery ticket, a few free beers, a doughnut, a couple of paid hours off work, and so on. The Covid incentive technique is shameful and clearly an act of desperation. To reiterate, this whole display is absolutely reprehensible, immoral, and unethical by any standard.

As you make your personal decision about vaccinations (and health in general), add up all of these inconsistencies and "acts of force and manipulation". Ask yourself why these desperate and pathetic displays by some of the worst actors in society and culture are attempting to force their will on you with sketchy and tacky techniques of manipulation and suasion. Then ask yourself why you would ever fall for the age old "snake oil" techniques being flaunted by notoriously unethical politicians and corporate leaders. Stay informed and beware of the latest vaccine pushes (in desperation) by corrupt politicians, compromised public health experts, and profit-starved corporations.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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