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Covid Vaccine Injury Bombshell from Karl Lauterbach, Germany's Federal Minister of Health (Video)

Bombshell from Germany's Federal Minister of Health

Admits Severe COVID-19 'Vaccine' Injuries Have Always Exceeded What Canada Deemed to be Program-Ending.

By: Dr. Byram W. Bridle March 14, 2023: Karl Lauterbach is Germany’s Federal Minister of Health. Yesterday, he dropped a bombshell on Germans in an interview. It has been posted on Youtube with English subtitles.

You can find the video here (start: 3:54; end:15:17 / interview with minister of health starts at 8:07). The COVID-19 ‘vaccine’-induced injuries that were covered in this program are severe, life-altering, and permanent. More people are waking up to the reality that more of these severe injuries have occurred and continue to emerge than what has ever been admitted publicly by those pushing the shots. This is the nature of passive monitoring systems, particularly when coupled with active dissuasion of reporting.

COVID-19 ‘vaccine’-injured people are finding themselves falling between the cracks in health care systems. This is horrible, but unfortunately, is not news for most of us.

The news agency and Minister of Health confirmed that the Pharma companies are free of liability due to ‘vaccine’ injuries. This highlights all that is wrong with the clinical implementation of vaccine technologies, but there is no news here either for most people.

Governments pushed the shots on the public and the public paid exorbitantly for them to do so. Now, growing numbers of people are suffering severe side-effects, and the public is also on the hook to pay for these outcomes, which, by the way, were foreseeable to vaccinologists any many other scientists with integrity. Any way you look at it, taxpayers have lost and will continue to lose massive sums of money due to this global debacle. This will be ongoing for a long time due to the massive damage to the global economy.

Unfortunately, most victims of COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ injuries are receiving a pittance for the severe harms they experienced. Worse, many injuries are not being compensated at all because those pushing the narrative are ultra-slow in acknowledging many of the clinical problems caused by the shots.

Interestingly, Germany’s federal Minister of Health hopes the Pharma companies will voluntarily help to compensate those harmed by COVID-19 ‘vaccines’. “That’s because the profits have been exorbitant. Simply exorbitant profits.”, said Lauterbach. Rhetorically, is it at all possible that ‘exorbitant profits’ blinded common sense? Let’s see how much the companies donate!

Here are some bombshell admissions that came from the chat between Lauterbach and the newsman, who did a great job of keeping the Minister of Health on the hook…

  • COVID-19 ‘vaccine’-induced injuries are unique and often not amenable to traditional medical interventions!

  • Research is required to figure out how to treat the unique injuries caused by the experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ that are still in their initial phase 3 clinical experiments to assess their safety despite there no longer being any placebo-treated controls to facilitate the detection of safety signals!

  • Government agencies need to get faster at recognizing injuries caused by COVID-19 ‘vaccines’; hard to do when all they can do is robotically and incessantly state they are “safe”.

  • Government compensation programs are a mess, hence why Lauterbach felt compelled to say, “so I can see why the people here are making complaints”.

  • “And we are slowly [yes, way too slowly!] gaining a clearer understanding of the situation”; meaning, ‘we are starting to recognize that way more people are ‘vax’-injured than what we have ever publicly admitted’!

Here is a huge bombshell that the Minister of Health dropped…

  • In 2021 he claimed in a Tweet that COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ had no side-effects. Remarkably, his current admission is, “That was an exaggeration that I once made in an ill-considered Tweet. It did not represent my true position.“! It is egregious that a federal Minister of Health is admitting this AFTER coercing most people to get the shots and claiming everyone gave fully informed consent. After a desperate attempt to backpedal, all while looking incredibly uncomfortable, Lauterbach was called out by the interviewer for repeatedly promoting his message that the shots were “more or less free of side-effects”.

The interviewer to Lauterbach: So, you’ve always given the impression that side-effects aren’t really a thing. And here is the biggest bombshell of them all…

  • With respect to severe COVID-19 ‘vaccine’-induced injuries, Lauterbach stated: “I’ve always been aware of the numbers. They have remained relatively stable. …1:10,000: some may say that’s a lot, and some may say it’s not that much.“

…and COVID-19 shots were mandated when some people said there were “a lot” of severe adverse events !?!

  • This confirmed what Lauterbach said earlier in the interview: “According to the latest research data, severe vaccine injuries are very rare. The incidence is less than 1:10,000 vaccinations.“

  • And then he stated it a third time… But yes, 1:10:000, that’s the incidence of severe adverse effects.

This statistic is almost certainly an underestimation due to the well-known under-reporting inherent to passive monitoring systems, especially when coupled to pressures on physicians to parrot the “safe and effective” motto.

This statistic needs to be put into a proper perspective…

The AstraZeneca COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ program was suspended in Canada due to its risk of causing severe adverse events (the main one was blood clotting) in 1:55,000 inoculated adults, including the frail elderly! Yes, you read that correctly. A national COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ program was shut down because a 1:55,000 incidence of severe adverse events was deemed to be too dangerous for Canadian adults!

Now, you can hear for yourself that Germany’s federal Minister of Health has admitted to “always” being aware of a 1:10,000 incidence of severe adverse events due to COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.

This is egregious. And people are still pushing these shots, including on children. Think about that in the context of the facts laid out above!

Canadians (and people around the globe):

Why were you coerced and mandated to take shots that cause severe adverse events at more than five times the rate warranting a ‘vaccine’ program to be halted ?!?

We need answers and we need them now! Many people have already awakened to the reality that the declared COVID-19 pandemic has been the most mismanaged crisis of our time. However, far too many still believe the only narrative that was allowed to be disseminated without retribution. For them, shocking admissions like these coming directly from a federal minister of health ought to be a wake-up call.

Please share this video clip with those who still believe that ministers of health have had their best interests at heart. Ask them why these people are walking back their messaging.

And, as ‘narrative-pushers’ try to walk back their messages, we need to keep reminding them what their crystal-clear and confident messaging was over the past three years. Show them just how far they moved the goalposts.

There seems to be a growing epidemic of selective amnesia among those who pushed the ‘narrative’.

Source: Dr. Byram Bridle Substack


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