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Dave Rubin: Big Tech Censorship, Technocracy, Cancel Culture & the Woke Mob

July 2, 2021: This is an excellent Post Millennial interview with Dave Rubin. The perspectives offered touch on all key areas of tech tyranny, cancel culture, and the woke mob by leaning on a non-political North American perspective. Rubin's comments are sobering and call for Canadians to get off the sidelines and throw all of their active support behind domestic "freedom-leaders" like Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad, Viva Frei (David Freiheit), and Ezra Levant to name few of the most prominent Canadian journalists and freedom fighters.

Rubin describes Justin Trudeau in terms every Canadian must recognize and act on. Ruben's description of Trudeau is piercing and captured here:

"Canada has an absolutely ridiculous clown of a Prime Minister in Justin Trudeau. He is the worst of what these people are. He is a fake, do-nothing (but he looks right and wears fancy socks) worst sort of virtue-signalling progressive, big-government buffoon who wouldn't know how to stand up for his country if his life depended on it. He is more than happy to use the levers of power to silence his own people. The idea Jordan Peterson, or Gad Saad, or any other journalist would be treated under the law the same way as an outfit of journalism is so deeply dangerous. This is the stuff we expect out of regimes in the Middle East, not Western Nations."

Ruben concludes the interview with a sobering warning to Canadians: "your sun is rapidly setting on what a truly free Canada looks like". Canadians must recognize this sort of tyranny and act against it en masse. Similarly, the forces of tyranny at play in other nations (like the U.S.) require the same sense of urgency and resistance.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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