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Devon Archer’s testimony proves it: "Hunter is a grifter — and Joe is a damn liar"

Devon Archer’s testimony proves it: Hunter’ is a grifter — and Joe is a damn liar

July 24, 2023: The White House sharply changed its tune on Monday, saying that Joe Biden “was never in business” with his son.

For nearly three years, the president has insisted that he didn’t know anything at all about Hunter’s dodgy foreign grift, let alone do business with him.

Why the change of tune? Because the lies are finally starting to fall apart.

On Monday, The Post revealed upcoming bombshell testimony from Hunter Biden’s ex-biz partner Devon Archer, who says the first son threw his then-VP dad on speaker during shady business calls as many as two dozen times just in Archer’s presence.

Archer says the president didn’t always realize he was on speakerphone.

Even that’s dubious, but assuming it’s true, Biden — a sitting vice president — surely knew what Hunter was doing generally and did nothing to stop it.

And if the president and his media lackeys were willing to lie so blatantly for three years, why should we believe anything he says on the subject now as the waters lap closer to the White House lawn?

Image above: Biden Crime Family (Getty Images)

Then there’s Hunter himself, painted as a poor little rich boy in certain corners of the media.

He’s an addict, his defenders whine.

And the mean ol’ Republicans won’t stop picking on him!

No: Hunter, like Joe, knew exactly what he was doing.

It’s glaringly obvious what he was trying to sell by ringing up his pop: influence.

Remember, these calls occurred when Joe was vice president: One in December 2015 featured Hunter seemingly trying to help his then-employer, Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

An exec there one month earlier had explicitly demanded he use his clout to close down a corruption probe into the firm.

Burisma had hired Hunter onto its board at a mind-boggling $83,000 per month, even though he had no relevant skills or experience. Just the connection to Dad.

Owner Mykola Zlochevsky — who was on the December call — wanted some bang for his buck.

And Zlochevsky, per an FBI informant, claimed he was forced to pay each Biden, father and son, a $5 million bribe.

He says he’s got audio recordings of Joe and Hunter, along with bank records and other evidence, to prove it.

And it sure looks like Hunter delivered: The prosecutor looking into Burisma was fired a few months after this illicit phoner.

So don’t let the media silence around Archer’s testimony fool you: Indeed, that just shows how damaging it is.

Recall that the same thing happened when the FBI document alleging Biden took that bribe from Zlochevsky became public, and when The Post’s Miranda Devine’s reported exclusively on Gal Luft alleging bigtime Biden family Mafia-like corruption.

It’s wagon-circling time for the media, as its members look to protect a favored asset: Joe.

Rep. Jim Comer (R-Ky.), Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) & Co. are right to press unrelentingly here.

Hunter’s a sleaze at best and his father, now president, has lied and lied and lied about his involvement.

Without this effort from Congress, the American people will never know the truth of how deep and how high the rot goes.

Source: New York Post


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