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DNC push for "Child Sex Grooming" in our Schools is an Attack on our Children by Society's Freaks

April 9, 2022: It has never been more important to fight back against freaks disguised as teachers who are obsessed with "Child Sex Grooming" and hijacking the traditional parent-child relationship. Teachers and school administrators pushing for this sick form of child abuse and psychological torture must be ripped out of our public school system and any politician endorsing/enabling these "child sex grooming" losers should be handled the same way.

The first and easiest response is to crush the DNC Party (and various RINO's) in the upcoming midterms. Simultaneously, there should be an abrupt boycott of the most obvious corporate targets and worst culprits supporting "child sex grooming" (ie. Disney, Coca Cola, Hollywood, Nike, LinkedIn, NBA, etc.).

Caring parents should be flooding into every single school board meeting and demanding expulsion of any teacher / administrator responsible for pushing CRT and perverted "child sex grooming" dogma. These brazen predators and miscreants (disguised as teachers) are preying on our children and must be stopped.

The gubernatorial lead being taken by Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis offers a blueprint response that all American parents should demand from their respective elected officials and state politicians. A focus on state and local level politicians is essential as we know we will not get suitable protection of our children from Joe Biden and his pack of DNC Marxist child abusers.

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