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Dr. David E. Martin uses Linguistic Genomics to tell the "Truth about Covid" (brief video)

August 9, 2021: This brief video showcases David E. Martin, Developer of Linguistic Genomics. Dr. Martin traces (1) the conspicuous path of the Corona Virus, (2) its early and current "actors/enablers", and (3) how the engineered virus has been used to build a massive new "industrial complex".

In every measure and every respect, the leading architects of the "Corona Industrial Complex" (Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab) have been in horrendous breach of Biological Weapons and International Law - note that any egregious violation of this code of international law (biological and chemical) is considered to be a "crime against humanity".

"Truth About Covid" is simple. The cabal behind the Corona Industrial Empire has the means, the motive, and the monetary incentive to exploit Covid-19 endlessly; regardless of the safety and interests of humanity on this planet. David Martin's explanation in terms of his Linguistic Genomics science is both fascinating and troubling.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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