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Dr. Jessica Rose: Serious concerns expressed during FDA Open Public Forum (September 17)

September 19, 2021: The FDA held an 8-hour open public meeting on Friday September 17 (167th FDA Vaccines & Biological Products Advisory Committee). Although most people don't have the time to pour through the 8-hour FDA video, there were many critical moments worth highlighting.

One of the most powerful moments came during Dr. Jessica Rose's testimony regarding VAERS data and the overwhelming data illustrating severe vaccine reaction trends. Dr. Rose, a renowned viral immunologist and computational biologist, offered sobering comments about the troubling links between the mRNA vaccines and severe adverse reactions. Highlights of her address include:

- risks of vaccine far outweigh benefits (especially for children)

- vaccine shots are driving Covid variants

- adverse vaccine reactions are over 1000% higher in 2021 vs 2020 (with over 3 months remaining in 2021)

- 1 out of 660 vaccinated individuals are reporting immunological adverse effects following Covid vaccination

- from a medical and scientific basis the vaccines are failing (Israel example is leading baseline and example)

- the onus is on the FDA, the CDC, and all policy makers to acknowledge and communicate the clear severe risks associated with the mRNA vaccine (based on VAERS reporting)

It is critical that all people are made aware of this data so please share promptly and widely.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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