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Dr. Julie Ponesse: "We need to put the vaccination decision back into the physician's office"

September 10, 2021: Ethics expert and champion of human rights, Dr. Julie Ponesse, offers an exceptional 5-minute position statement regarding the rights of all Canadians regarding their decision to take or not to take vaccine. The short answer according to a Supreme Court of Canada Judgment (Cuthbertson v Rasouli) and the foundational elements of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is:

"... the right to decide what happens to one's body and one's life - has historically been viewed as trumping all other interests."

(Supreme Court of Canada Judgment)

It is absolutely critical that all Canadians, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, know and honor the civil rights and unalienable liberties upon which we are to be governed and protected. Similarly, it is essential that the application of the Canadian Charter of Rights is not applied in a discriminatory and harmful manner.

Source: Canadian Covid Care Alliance and Dr. Julie Ponesse


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