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Dr. Mattias Desmet: Totalitarianism & Mass Formation in the World explained

Totalitarianism in the World – Professor Mattias Desmet

Story & Interview by: Dave Lee

Professor Mattias Desmet is a clinical psychologist at Ghent University Belgium. Dr Desmet has a double degree, he also has a Masters in Statistics. It was a pleasure to have Dr Mattias Desmet on my YouTube channel for a chat about some of the interesting psychological phenomenon’s that have accompanied the pandemic. I discovered Professor Desmet’s research online, where he found some psychological links that explain why many countries have become more totalitarian recently.

Dr Mattias Desmet took on the role of a statistician, he started to study the figures, the graphs and so on. Early on in the pandemic, around May 2020, Professor Desmet came to the conclusion that the fatality rates for the pandemic were dramatically overrated.

The projected mortality rate in Sweden was approximately 50,000 people, if they didn’t have a lockdown. Yet, Sweden still did not go into lockdown and the casualties were on 6,000. Which Dr Desmet said was approximately 13 times less. Clearly the models were incorrect. At this moment, the politicians didn’t alter the measures to the real data, they did the opposite, they continued as if the models were correct and the real mortality rate was the same as the faulty models.

Lockdowns Cause More Damage than the Pandemic

We have an approach to the pandemic that claims to be based on science, on statistical models. But when it’s proven beyond a doubt that the models were completely wrong, instead of changing the measures (lockdowns etc) the measures continued as if the models were correct, even after they were proven to be completely wrong.

Perspective as a Statistician

One thing that has never been discussed, is the long-term costs of the lockdowns on countries, compared to the benefits of ”flattening the curve” with lockdowns and other measures that cause long term damage to the economy. Governments never discussed the possibility that the lockdowns could in fact claim more casualties than the pandemic itself, even if no measures were taken to reduce the spread.

This showed that the field of attention, of the entire world seemed to be entirely on the victims of the pandemic as if all the rest did not count anymore.

In one way or another, people were not able to see the collateral damage caused by the lockdowns, the measures. They were only able to view the pandemic through this tiny lens, as if nothing else mattered. He came to the conclusion that the pandemic was not a biological crisis but more of a psychological crisis.

When Dr Desmet realised this, he started to view the pandemic through the lens of a clinical psychologist instead of as statistician.

Mass Formation – Crowd Formation

Professor Mattias Desmet came to the conclusion that society was suffering from mass formation or crowd formation. This is a specific type of group formation that emerges under certain circumstances. Society needs to meet 4 certain conditions for mass formation to occur in society.

These four conditions are:

  1. Lack of social bond. Or a lack of meaningful relationships in their lives

  2. A large amount of society feels a lack of meaning in the world (for example, more than 40% of people within a society feel that their job was completely meaningless)

  3. Free floating anxiety in society. And in some cases, anxiety that the society cannot point to a specific reason for what exactly is causing this anxiety (overuse of anti-depressants etc)

  4. Free floating frustration and aggression.

If a society meets all these conditions, it will become increasingly susceptible to Mass Formation.

Main Stream Media causes Mass Formation

If under these conditions, mass formation can be caused by the main stream media. If the main stream media was to push a narrative that indicates an object of anxiety and a strategy to beat this anxiety. These two narratives through the mass media are :

  • Main stream media tells society what the object of their anxiety is. The mass media identifies what the specific object of their anxiety is. (flu)

  • And at the same time gives a clear strategy to deal with this object of anxiety.

For instance, if there is an object of our anxiety (virus) and what the strategy to deal with that anxiety is (lockdowns).

New Solidarity – Social Bond Emerges

At this point, all the disconnected people in society, all suffering from free floating anxiety, connect their anxiety to a specific object of that anxiety. Then a new solidarity emerges, where all these disconnected people from all areas of society can become a part of a new group, a bond amongst them emerges. Many of these people are willing to join together by participating in a faulty strategy pitched by the main stream media narrative, so that they can deal with this object of anxiety together.

Regardless of how damaging the strategy may be, people engaged in this new solidarity with feel better about their own anxiety by simply engaging in a strategy (mass formation) regardless of the serious side effects of such a poorly devised strategy that the main stream media has created a narrative for.

It’s as if everyone engaged in this new social bond are fighting a heroic battle together against this object of anxiety. They begin a new solidarity, a new meaning for life, a new social bond emerges over this heroic battle against this object of anxiety. Which they are all fighting in solidarity.

The reason why people within this mass formation (mass hypnosis) all need to participate in the lockdowns, wear a mask, social distancing or take a vaccine. Is because if you don’t do it, you are not showing solidarity to the new group that has been formed. Almost as if all the measures to defeat the object of anxiety are really just to prove to everyone else that you are a part of the new cult like social group. Which has no real ability to defeat the pandemic, is not backed in science and is only designed to identify who is a part of their new cult like social group and nothing more.

How Totalitarianism emerges from Mass Formation

These people who are engaging in this mass formation, have then started to create their own religious rituals. These rituals under these circumstances come in the form of pushing lockdowns, wearing masks, social distancing and a whole range of other measures that have been proven by science, not to achieve anything.

Because these people are hypnotised by the religious cult that they are now engaging in, any new science that conflicts with their current religious cult beliefs, cannot be accepted. They are closed off to new information, no matter how definitive they may be.

When the people engaged in this new social cult like religion receive conflicting information from people who are not hypnotised by the cult. The cult members can use the state to oppress the dissenters who disagree with this new religion. That’s when you see powerful people using the power of the state to lockdown innocent people. Use of the police to assault innocent people in the street and this can ultimately lead to a totalitarian state like the Soviet Union, where the state exterminates people who disagree with them.

By: Dave Lee


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