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Dr. Nicole Saphier on Gain-of-Function Research, Fauci's Emails & the Politicization of Covid

June 18, 2021: Epoch Times American Thought Leaders interview with Dr. Nicole Saphier is an Epoch TV video (47 minutes in length) worth closely reviewing. This long form interview covers the topics of Gain-of-Function (GoF), Fauci's emails, and the politicization of Covid. The conclusion is that each of these dimensions are inextricably tied together. In the end, Fauci and NIAID worked with the CCP's WIV to produce Covid. Their joint role in unleashing Covid on humanity is indisputable and is nothing less than a horrible crime against all men and women around the world.

Dr. Saphier also elaborates on her best selling book "Panic Attack" and how it ties into nefarious players behind Covid tyranny and their scheme to 'induce' perpetual social panic.

Please watch and share this essential Dr. Saphier interview if you haven't already done so.


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