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Dr. Robert Malone comments on the looming collapse of medical, science & public health ethics

July 29, 2021: Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, offered his latest comments regarding the status of public health care and medical science as it relates to Covid public health policy and political interference. The following sobering comments were made by Dr. Malone and are offered, here, as transcribed notes for closer reference:

- "I've become very aware of how tenuous our ability to exercise our fundamental rights that I always assumed was our bedrock."

- "Every major medical association in the United States is in lockstep; you ought to have at least some dissent."

- "The integrity of the FDA has deteriorated over the past few decades."

- "I'm to the point where I don't know what we can rely on anymore and what we can't. There doesn't seem to be an arbiter of truth that is committed to scientific integrity and transparency. It's like a free fall, I don't know where the bottom is."

- "How far are we willing to stray from evidence based medicine?"

- "What does all of this mean going forward?"

- "I'm now being labelled an anti-vaxxer - 30 years spending my career developing vaccines, yeah, that makes sense." [stated in jest]

- "My parting thought is that the way out of the woods is that we need to try to be nice to each other. This is not a time for division, this is a time to come together."

Extremely American will continue to closely track Dr. Malone as he is a pre-eminent and leading medical expert who can be consistently relied on as an ethical, trusted, and capable voice.


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