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Dr. Robert Malone: 'It's time to start doxing the World Economic Forum's Globalist Cabal'

April 6, 2021: The WEF has infested nations, cities, and counties around the world. The culprits are identifiable graduates of the WEF Young Global Leaders indoctrination program. The indoctrinated graduates leave this "program" with a mission to undermine local politics, business, commerce, science, health care, media, and pop culture within their respective spheres of influence, country by country.

Each year, Klaus Schwab and the WEF celebrate their Young Global Leaders by: (1) announcing / celebrating the "graduation" of Schwab's indoctrination camp, (2) offering unfair advantages of "influence" by global elites and WEF power brokers, and (3) guaranteeing immense financial access to ongoing funding to carry out a treasonous WEF agenda against their own people.

When you hear someone referenced as a WEF Young Global Leader, you should think of them as a WEF Young Global Authoritarian. They are all tasked with undermining their part of the world in the radical interests of Klaus Schwab and his aim to install a global central authoritarian form of government ("New World Order") - one where an unelected and unregulated Klaus Schwab and his inner cabal call all of the shots.

Any and all graduates from the WEF Young Global Leaders school of radical Marxist indoctrination should be immediately identified and assertively doxed out of their respective professional roles and positions of influence country by country, city by city.

This brand of "young global leader" is a cancer to the notions of tradition, religion, heritage, personal freedom, and any hope for a common man or woman to attain prosperity in life.

Identify the WEF young leaders in your country and remove them from their positions of influence as soon as possible. Everyone can start by doxing these WEF-bribed traitors.


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