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Dr. Robert Malone: Vaccinated are C-19 Super Spreaders!

October 16, 2021: Dr. Robert Malone is the major contributor to the mRNA technology invention, which makes him a qualified person to speak about the vaccine’s side effects.

He shared the dangers of the massive vaccination program. The doctor warned about the risk of ADE and its competence to make the virus more infectious. Malone even called to stop the C-19 shot rollout.

In his latest podcast, Malone exposed another lie shared by the MSM. Biden state that we are living in the “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.” However, Dr. Malone found out that the vaccinated population is the super spreader and the causer of the latest infections wave.

Malone referenced two instances where citizens are being “enticed” to take what he refers to as the “experimental” vaccine.

“There was a period where West Virginia was trying to get people to get vaccinated,” Malone said. “And so they had a shotgun lottery. And in Canada, there was a policy of offering free ice cream to children to get them to take the jab even without their parents’ approval. So those are just two particularly clear examples of unfair coercion … It’s not actually legal.”

Malone likened what’s going on today with COVID vaccines to the illegal medical experiments conducted by Nazi Germany. [During the Second World War], Jews and other ethnic groups were subjected to horrible experimental medical research,” Malone said. “And they justified it by saying it was for the common good.”

Malone said the Western World “agreed we weren’t going to do that anymore. Yet, from time to time we seem to forget, and of course, Tuskegee is one example, and frankly, this is another example.”

In an attempt to clear up misinformation coming from the medical establishment, Malone said fully vaccinated individuals can spread COVID. “The idea that if you have a workplace where everybody’s vaccinated, you’re not going to have virus spread is totally false. A total lie,” Malone said.

The vaccinated are actually the “super-spreaders” that everyone was told about in the beginning of the pandemic, Malone argued.

By: Addison Wilson of The Defender


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