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Dr. Roger Hodkinson: The link between Covid Vaccines and Myocarditis & Sterility

June 14, 2021: Dr. Roger Hodkinson is a world renowned Certified General Pathologist and the Medical Director of MedMalDoctors. In this long form interview, Dr. Hodkinson covers the growing body of evidence revealing disconcerting and upward trending links between Covid vaccines and the occurrence of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) and sterility. Interviews with Dr. Hodkinson are always blocked/removed from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter which makes this video interview especially important to view as soon as possible. Fortunately, BitChute and Rumble continue to be the most reliable and inclusive video streaming platforms for people seeking a full spectrum of information and uncensored expert insights. The work of Dr. Roger Hodkinson falls into the category of essential information for people all around the world to be aware of. Please watch and share this interview far and wide.

Thanks and full attribution to Brees Media and BitChute.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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