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Dr. Steven Pelech, PhD: The Missing Science you need to know about Antibody Immunity

December 2021: Dr. Michael Thiessen (Liberty Coalition Canada) conducted a long-form interview with UBC's Dr. Steven Pelech.

This interview offers a critical breakdown of the science behind natural antibody immunity, covid vaccines, and the consequences of unscientific policies. The information provided in this video is deemed must-watch, must-share content by the EA Team and should be closely studied prior to anyone considering the idea of injecting their children.

The link below is the article referenced in the closing segment of the episode:

About Dr. Steven Pelech

B.Sc. (Hon) (1979) and Ph.D. (1982) from University of British Columbia

PDF training at University of Dundee, Scotland (1982-1983) and University of Washington, Seattle, USA (1984-1987)

Dr. Pelech’s research involves mapping the composition and architecture of protein phosphorylation-based cell signaling networks to define phosphoprotein biomarkers for diagnosis and protein kinases and phosphatases as therapeutic targets. His team is using a combination of high throughput proteomics with protein microarrays and advanced bioinformatics to develop predictive algorithms for quantitative proteomics for studying protein expression and phosphorylation, and protein-protein and protein-drug interactions. His group is also developing sensitive blood tests to track immune responses to pathogens such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and early monitoring of tissue damage from cancer, diabetes and neurological diseases.

About Liberty Coalition Canada

Canadians are growing fearful and stressed with the broad loss of their freedoms. Liberty Coalition Canada arms them with a clarion Christian analysis of current events to diagnose the breakdown of liberty in Canada, educating on human rights and constitutional freedoms, with legal backing to defend rights and freedoms.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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