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Draymond Green shows Class, Respect & Intellect as he steps up for friend & teammate Andrew Wiggins

October 18, 2021: Golden State Warrior Draymond Green is more than an NBA All Star, he is a loyal teammate and friend. He cares about people and their rights to privacy and personal choice. When asked by a sports beat reporter to comment on the vaccine stance taken by teammate Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green showed a level of class and respect not often displayed by people today. Sports media is clearly tasked with a customary (and obsessive) practice of targeting and shaming anyone not falling in line with their pathetically skewed ideological dogma - the recent experiences of many NBA stars like Andrew Wiggins are all cases in point to the shame game being played by ignorant sports reporters and the NBA.

Players like Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins are making informed personal health decisions that, frankly, should not be anyone's business but their own. Particularly in the NBA, informed players understand that the Covid vaccine carries a far greater health risk (to healthy young male professional athletes) than the Covid virus itself. Moreover, many NBA players are becoming more and more aware of other past vaccine experiments like the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment from 1932 to 1972.

In the end, regardless of where anyone falls on the vaccine debate, it is time for both sides to unite and help each other through this time of manipulation and tyranny from a conspicuous class of ruling elites. Draymond Green set a fine example for others to follow here.

As far as "sports reporting goes", if the morons from this line of work are going to "lobby", shame, and poke their nose in the personal matters of NBA stars, they should at least make an attempt to gain a basic understanding of the topic. Otherwise, they should stay in their simple narrow lane of sports reporting.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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