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Dutch Politician Thierry Baudet exposes the Rockefeller Foundation & The Great Reset Cabal

June 5, 2021: Thierry Henri Philippe Baudet is a Dutch politician, academic and author. He is the founder and parliamentary leader of Forum for Democracy (FVD) and has been a member of the Dutch House of Representatives since 2017. Baudet recently addressed the Dutch House of Representatives with a stark warning about the key role played by the Rockefeller Foundation in causing and exploiting the Covid pandemic and angling to steer the world into an intense (and planned) “Climate Change” crisis intended to be the ultimate “set-up” for the “great global reset”. From Covid to Climate Change, the Rockefeller Foundation and other nefarious global transhumanist “foundations” (Gates Foundation, Soros Open Society Foundations, Schwab Foundation) have been conspiring for decades to trigger a massive global reset and re-engineer the world according to their transhuman and authoritarian “vision” and “agenda”.

The video provided offers subscripted text. The full transcript of the Baudet House address is offered below for close review.

Thierry Baudet Dutch House of Representatives Address:

"In 2020, the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the most influential NGO’s [Non-Government Organization] in the world, developed scenarios for the future of technology and international development. This report [presented to the House]. In this report the Rockefeller Foundation describes the Lock Step scenario. This scenario describes an impending global pandemic and its aftermath. According to this scenario (and I have it here with me), the Chinese would start with mandatory quarantines for all citizens and an immediate and almost hermetically sealed closure of all borders. National leaders from around the world would reinforce their power with laws, regulations, and restrictions. From mask mandates to body temperature checks at the entrances of train stations airplanes, buildings. Its all in here.

But is does not stop at that. According to the Lock Step scenario there is a great deal more that awaits us. Even after the pandemic was over, write the researchers, ‘the authoritarian control and surveillance of citizens and their activities remained and was intensified’. In this report from 2010 they even hinted that ‘climate lockdowns’, exactly what they’re beginning to talk about right now.

And now I quote: ‘To protect themselves from problems that became ever more global – from pandemics and transnational terrorism to climate crises and increasing poverty – leaders from across the world seized more and more power.’

The report also foresaw how people would react to these measures, regrettably. Just like now, when people cheer when they are vaccinated and post pictures of their jabs on social media, its all in this report, and beg for a Covid passport, anticipated the writers of the Lock Step scenario. That the idea of a more controlled world would gain widespread acceptance among the populace. Citizens willingly giving up a part of their sovereignty – and their privacy – in exchange for more ’safety’ and stability. Citizens were more tolerant and even eager to be subjected to more top-down management and supervision. National leaders had more freedom to bestow order in the ways they saw fit.

That this would lead to a digital passport was something they had foreseen. In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation could not entirely anticipate current technological advances, but even then they already thought that the tightened surveillance would lead to a ‘biometric ID for all citizens’. Currently, this is already being integrated into our passports.

It would be thirteen years for the public, according to the Rockefeller Foundation, to become fed up with the amount of control and the absurd power fantasies of the rulers. I hope that the Rockefeller Foundation is proven wrong on that account. All their predictions have come true, but I really hope they’re wrong on this account. I hope that there will be a moment that we wake up. That we will realize this is a collective psychosis. That the locking down of the entire country, half the world for 1.5 years because of a flu variety is insane. That walking around with those silly useless masks is insanity. That we conform to those completely senseless distancing rules. That we see that our businesses, our social lives have been destroyed. That we held back effective primary medicines such as Ivermectin, only to give those experimental injections the status of ‘approved vaccine’ as soon as we could.

That we ramble on about how ‘the infections are decreasing’ whilst the exact same happened last year – like it does every year. And that it will happen again as autumn arrives and new infections occur. And now we pretend it happens because of Covid-19, all the while that the thing that we used to call the ‘flu’ has completely disappeared. But, most importantly, I hope that we realize that with the hysteria about this Chinese flu as the pretext, an entire infrastructure has been built. An infrastructure that can be used again at any moment due to any occurrence. Lockdowns, masks, social distancing. No more traveling, no handshakes, ridiculous experimental jabs.

This Covid phase has been a practice to train obedience. Our parliament and the Rutte regime have passed this training with grace. Congratulations. Klaus Schwab will be proud of you. The globalist plans can be carried out – and the next step towards mass surveillance and total control can be taken."


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