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EA Alert: The Epoch Times announces the launch of Epoch TV

April 29, 2021: These days, the best source of journalism (in America and around the world) is arguably The Epoch Times. Anyone without a subscription to The Epoch Times should seriously consider making this a primary source of independent, trusted, and uncensored news and information.

The Epoch Times video channels were recently demonetized by YouTube. In response to YouTube’s communist form of censorship and propaganda, the team at Epoch Times has created and launched its own video platform called Epoch TV. Epoch TV will allow its subscribers to watch their favorite programs and videos without the risk of experiencing big tech censorship and intentional disruption.

EA is committed to sharing this type of exciting information within our growing community when such announcements are made. Epoch’s stated mission is to “keep America free of the tyranny of communism by reporting the news in Truth and Tradition”. Given the patriotic mission of Epoch Times, we encourage our EA community to contribute to the cause of ethical journalism and news coverage by subscribing to independent journalists and news publishers such as Epoch Times.

It is important that all patriots (and all truth seekers around the world), support independent, courageous, and credible journalists and news publishers. Epoch Times is one of the best and comes highly endorsed by the team at EA. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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