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EA Editorial: 'RINO-Virus 101'

May 21, 2021: Atlanta-based EA Contributor Eric Dobbs offers an entertaining and memorable metaphor for the RINO (Republican In Name Only) and the RINO's unfortunate 'vulnerability' to the dreaded affliction known as the "RINO-Virus". There is complete truth (and enjoyable levity) to this memorable articulation of the phenomenon known as the RINO.

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What is the RINO-Virus?

The RINO-Virus is a virus that affects mainly Republican politicians that causes electoral confusion, disappointment, and frustration.

How is the RINO-Virus spread?

As of now, researchers know that the coronavirus is spread through weak and unethical Republican politicians who selfishly place their own personal gain over their constituents. This character flaw cascades from the federal level down to local municipalities. The spread is directly linked to a lack of political accountability and media coverups.

What is the incubation period for RINO-Virus?

Symptoms typically show up in politicians within a two-term of exposure to the virus. A politician infected with the RINO-Virus will begin to accept cabinet positions, dark money, and increase mainstream media speaking engagements in exchange for ignoring the citizens they represent.

What are symptoms of RINO-Virus?

- Espousing conservative ideals while voting otherwise - Criticism of their own party more than the opposition - Willing to ignore constituents - Mainstream media support

How is RINO-Virus treated?

Treatment for RINO-Virus addresses the signs and symptoms of the infection and supports politicians with more severe disease. For mild to more severe cases of RINO-Virus, the ballot box is the only remedy. Constituents must make it a part of their daily routine to verify that their elected officials are representing their views. If not support someone that will or have the courage of their own conviction to run against them. Additionally, the voting Republican electorate must stop financially supporting a party that will not defend the norms and traditions that has made this country great. Lastly, RINO-Virus can be cured by forming a functional third party.

By: Extremely American Georgia-based Journalist Eric Dobbs


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