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EA Flash Update: DNC & Mainstream Media Eviscerated on Day 4 of the Impeachment Gong Show

Feb 12, 2021: As expected, the DNC impeachment circus ran off the rails today as President Trump’s legal team completely exposed the DNC and its mainstream media machine in less than 2 hours. Trump’s legal defence (led by David Schoen, Bruce Castor and Michael van der Veen) used a perfect combination of legal interpretations of the constitution, legal commentary regarding the baseless DNC case for impeachment, and timely displays of an extensive collection of incriminating video footage. This seemingly endless collection of video footage colorfully illustrated the hypocrisy of the DNC and mainstream media as it applied to their whimsical case for impeachment. As always, the DNC and the fake media were clearly shown to be guilty of the same outrageous charges they disgracefully and deceitfully used to attack President Trump. The term “hypocrisy” had to have crossed the minds of anyone and everyone who took the time to watch the opening 2 hours of Trump’s defence team.

For all who care about fairness and justice, today served as an important day of vindication and victory for President Trump and his patriotic base. Today also served as an extremely rare opportunity for the world to see and hear evidence that clearly exposes the disgusting and vindictive tactics deployed by the DNC and its cartel of media propogandists. The beauty of this evidence came in the form of the extensive video footage that incriminated every single DNC leader and every single mainstream media corporation. This evidence cannot be marginalized with the label of “political bias” as the evidence comes in the form of the words and actions taken directly from the DNC leadership team and its mainstream media cartel.

So where does all of this leave the EA community? Take solace in recognizing following points:

- President Trump will not be impeached

- President Trump will have a future in politics (should he choose that path) and his patriotic base can take comfort in knowing that the patriotic populist movement is more powerful than ever and will not go away

- The case for impeachment was baseless and an abomination of the constitution and its application (the notion of “constitutional cancel culture” was also called out as a destructive DNC weapon)

- The coup against President Trump began in 2016 and appears to have no end in sight given the visceral hatred and pathological contempt that the DNC has for President Trump and his loyal base

- The DNC has, and continues to apply, the dirtiest most corrupt political tactics that fall in line with the sorts of tactics to be expected from an authoritarian communist regime

- the mainstream media was proven (yet again) to be monstrous in its deception, manipulation, censorship and blatantly biased ideological & political orientation

The views of EA are already being shared with top minds across the country where the conclusion being drawn is carrying words to the effect of “DNC disaster”, “DNC epic failure” and “hypocrisy in its highest form”. Amanda Head of Real America’s Voice commented by saying that this impeachment hearing “had a shelf life of zero days from the start” and that “President Trump never said anything that rose to the level of incitement that was demonstrated by DNC leaders such as Watters, Pelosi, Harris, Biden and Schumer”. (Real America’s Voice – Amanda Head – February 12) Take heart in what unfolded today and use it as fuel and inspiration in the fight to reclaim our great nation from those who are seeking to destroy it. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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