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Eight Essential Social Apps: Privacy & Security Without Compromise

A practical 5-step guide to easily and immediately fight the tech tyrants & regain your freedom

Feb 24, 2021: This is a simple but urgent call to action for all patriots and members of the EA community. The need to fight back against the ‘tech tyrants’ has never been greater, so EA is offering five ways to take bold and immediate action. By following this set of steps, the EA community and fellow patriots can take pride in knowing they are doing their part to fight against the tech rogues responsible for contaminating society with propaganda, censorship, disinformation, intrusion of privacy, and general monopolistic misconduct. Please follow these five easy steps and share these best practices with anyone you care about.

1. Replace your gmail / icloud / hotmail accounts with a ProtonMail account. Prior to canceling your existing email accounts, set up your ProtonMail account at Next, back up all essential information and alert all of your contacts with your new ProtonMail email account. Proceed by enjoying the privacy and security of the superior Proton email platform.

2. Remove the Google search engine and immediately replace it with DuckDuckGo (MetaGer, Swissors and Majeek are also good options). You will be rewarded with better (less manipulated and censored) searches and the joy of easily and quickly removing your search traffic from the Google platform.

3. Cancel and remove FaceBook, Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat and TikTok from all devices. Prior to canceling these messenger and social hub apps, download and open accounts with any combination of the following alternative social apps: Gab, Signal, Telegram, Parler*, Clouthub, Threema, Clubhouse, Locals and Wire (*the rebuild and relaunch of the Parler platform is causing disruptions and negative impacts to user experience but the situation is expected to be improved imminently). As you can see, there are many excellent options allowing you to break away from the mainstream tyrants. Again, prior to canceling and removing your existing messenger and social hub apps, ensure your essential information is backed up and notify your friends and families about the new social media platforms you have migrated to. It may be a good idea to migrate slowly but be sure to start the process as soon as possible.

4. Dump your YouTube account and replace it with a combination of alternative video streaming/hosting applications. Excellent options include Rumble, BitChute, PeerTube, and DTube. Although these are video streaming apps are playing ‘catch-up’ with YouTube, collectively they offer better utility and the elimination of the aggravation caused by the censorship and suppression imposed by YouTube.

5. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, you should replace it with any of a variety of alternative options. Fire, Brave and Iridium are among the best options available. The key is to remove as much activity as you can from any Google product or solution.

As you begin this process you will be amazed how many like-minded people are taking the same steps and forming a community of freedom lovers and freedom fighters. You will also feel better about your efforts to take productive and impactful steps to tangibly fight against the corporations responsible for eroding our freedom and negatively impacting our quality of life. Methodically chip away at this 5-step action plan and feel great about participating in this fight to reclaim your freedom. Its time to ‘cancel’ the tech giants! By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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