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Elise Stefanik: The position of Becerra & Biden is to permanently force masks on our young children

April 11, 2022: HHS Secretary (a bureaucratic-medical fraud much like Anthony Fauci) Xavier Becerra was recently pinned down by Elise Stafanik (R-NY) in a recent House Labor Committee hearing (April 6). During the exchange, Becerra dodged questions and admitted that he and Joe Biden are not following any valid science in their decision to indefinitely impose masks on children who are 5 years of age and below.

This is a criminal and violent form of child abuse and Americans must do whatever is needed to remove Xavier Becerra from his position. Similarly, Joe Biden must be held jointly accountable for this sweeping abuse of children in America.

It is time for all Americans to rise against child abusers and "child groomers" like Becerra, Biden, and so many other similar political frauds embedded within the DNC Marxist Party.


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