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Elon Musk: Says “No” to the Covid Vaccine and warns of maniacal “Covid Knuckleheads” like Bill Gates

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Feb 8, 2019: In one of the strongest statements made about “experimental covid vaccines and public health policy”, renowned corporate genius, entrepreneur, innovator and philanthropist Elon Musk officially declared that he and his family will not be taking the coronavirus vaccine nor are they in favour of the excessive health policy restrictions imposed on society here in the US and around the world. During a NYT Sway Kara Swisher Podcast (late 2020) Musk went on the record stating, “What we have is something with an extremely low mortality rate and high contagion; I am not at risk for COVID, nor are my kids. I will not take the vaccine, nor will my family.”

Musk does not take this position on covid and its vaccine options lightly or without intimate knowledge. In addition to being arguably the most prolific entrepreneurial and scientific mind alive today (in areas ranging from solar energy to electric cars to space exploration), Musk is also deeply engaged in an array of scientific efforts to develop and deploy solutions aimed at battling the threat and impacts associated with covid. And, unlike unhinged and untrusted megalomaniacs such as Bill Gates, Musk has taken a balanced and level-headed approach in his battle to apply brilliance in seeking out solutions while applying common sense and social consideration in our pursuit of full-spectrum mitigation against covid and the public health policies that go with it.

As a case in point, Elon Musk and a select group from his Tesla team have been directly involved in the antibody studies going on with the Harvard epidemiological team. These joint Tesla covid R&D efforts resulted in the development and launch of vaccine machines used by companies such as CureVac. To be clear, Musk is taking a leadership role not just in terms of solutions to eradicate covid but also as a leader capable of developing balanced and humane ways to deliver an effective public health care policy. Musk’s health care policy approach is one that considers the consequences of questionable and maniacal ideas/schemes coming from “knuckleheads” and covid fascists most notably Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Klaus Schwab to name a few.

It is time to call into question the excessive/unending havoc and negative consequences that are now the result of ambitious and uncontrolled megalomaniacs more so than the virus itself. Elon Musk offers a ray of hope (and a voice of sanity) as society fends off an enemy far greater than the covid virus - power hungry maniacs (Gates, Fauci, Schwab) combined with a poorly informed, panic-stricken population represent a crisis that must be addressed immediately. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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