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Eric Clapton delves deeply into the politics of Covid along with his own personal experience

June 28, 2021: It is only on rare occasions that famous members of the entertainment community step up and offer insights that are not "harmonized" with the group think and echo chambers of the progressive left. In this critical moment in time, guitarist and rock-and-roll legend Eric Clapton offered 25 minutes of a courageous, insightful, and personal perspectives about his experience with the AstraZeneca vaccine and the world of Covid propaganda we all "bathe" in everyday.

Clapton is impartial, extremely knowledgeable, and caring with his insights. The topics covered include: the side-effects of mRNA vaccines, Covid vaccine coercion, Covid tyranny (referencing parallels from '1984'), the ethics of mandatory vaccinations, the use of fear and suffering to push vaccinations ("making you responsible for the health of others through guilt"), the disgraceful targeting of the vulnerable members of our society by the propaganda and influence of elite personalities, and persistent and abusive use of cancel culture to attack anyone who dares to express intellectual curiosity.

Clapton leaves his viewers with two key conclusions and the dangers associated with today's public health policy and the notion of forced vaccinations: (1) we are completely unaware of short-term and long-term consequences (noting that short-term side-effects are already showing troubling signs) and (2) members of society are forfeiting their personal rights under abusive forms of coercion and threat by public authorities and the cultural propaganda machine at its disposal.

Please find 25 minutes to watch this incredibly informative and personal account from a rare courageous and intellectual personality from the entertainment industry. The perspectives shared are unique and valuable.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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