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Esther Nogic: Comments on Masks and C19 Vaccines

Pictured on the top: Texas Democrat Lawmakers on a private flight to Washington, DC while those pictured on the bottom are are on a standard flight and forced to wear unproven masks. The double standard is obvious and it is frustrating many Americans.

The purpose of the mask mandates was to prevent transmission of infectious disease. The masks or face coverings are being enforced for disease mitigation purposes. However, without FDA approval, you can’t coerce people to participate because until it is FDA approved it is considered a medical experiment. The COVID-19 vaccines, masks, COVID PCR-Antigen tests, all fall under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) until it is FDA approved. EUA products are experimental, people have the right to refuse without retaliation. As long as these products remain in this clinical trial phase, there is no accountability. If you experience any adverse reactions from the vaccine you can’t sue the manufacturer or the government. Thousands of Americans are racking up bills-up to $250 million worth, trying to treat their adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine.

In order to gain FDA approval, manufacturers of face coverings and the COVID-19 vaccine have to submit an application. This process takes at least 3-5 years. Part of the application process includes submitting proof of function, intended usage, quality control standards and for face coverings-cleaning and disinfecting requirements.

The efficacy of the masks, is no longer up for debate. There is zero evidence that masks work at preventing the spread of COVID-19. There is no scientific justification for wearing them. We are now in the process of gathering COVID-19 vaccine data to determine short term and long term efficacy as well as collecting data on the immediate and future side effects. So far, we have learned that the 30 years and under age group are having more harmful effects from the vaccine than from the virus itself. For an entire year we heard our local board members and our superintendent tell the community that they have to follow the state mandates. This is false. Not only because of the EUA law, which states that “Schools cannot circumvent the EUA law which prohibits mandates”, but also because of our board policies. Board policy, series 2131, 5141.8, 4118.237, 4218.237:

The Superintendent has the general authority to act at his or her discretion upon all emergency matters and all other matters as to which his or her powers and duties are not expressly limited or are not particularly set forth.

The first priority of the Greenwich Board of Education (Board) is the health and well-being of students and staff as the District prepares for and implements the safe reopening of schools. In order to maintain a healthy environment, the Board will follow the mandates and requirements set forth by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), any Executive Orders issued by the Governor of the State of Connecticut, the Connecticut Department of Health (DPH) and the Connecticut State Department of Education, (hereinafter referred to as “State and Federal Guidance”) as outlined in Adapt, Advance, Achieve: Connecticut’s Plan to Learn and Grow Together which requires the wearing of face coverings for all students, staff and visitors of the District when they are inside school buildings and while riding school transportation vehicles, with certain exceptions.

The district does not have to follow state mandates on masks or the covid-19 vaccine, they are choosing to. Will the district sign a legal document stating that they hold themselves fully accountable for any immediate or future adverse reactions to mask wearing and the covid-19 vaccine?

This is America people, our government and administration are only as powerful as we the people allow them to be.

By: Esther Nogic


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