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EU Commission Opens Formal Proceedings to Attack Elon Musk’s Platform X for Not Caving on Censorship

Orwellian EU Commission Opens Formal Proceedings Against Elon Musk’s Platform X for Not Caving on Censorship

December 18, 2023: The Orwellian European Commission has initiated formal proceedings against Elon Musk’s social media platform, Platform X, for allegedly failing to comply with the Digital Services Act (DSA). Branded as a fight against online malpractices, this action seems more like an affront to the platform’s resistance to censorship.

The politicians, globalists, and elites are opposed to unrestricted free speech as it limits their ability to control the public.

At the World Economic Forum summit earlier this year, a European Union commissioner warned Elon Musk of potential sanctions if he does not cave on censorship.

The allegations from the unelected bureaucrat against Platform X cover several areas, including the management of illegal content, content moderation, the effectiveness of its ‘Community Notes’ system, transparency in advertising, and user interface design. However, these charges, at their core, appear to be an overreach, possibly impinging on the rights of platforms to self-regulate and uphold free speech.

The Commission’s decision stems from a preliminary investigation, which includes an analysis of the risk assessment report submitted by Platform X in September, its Transparency report from November 3, and responses to a formal request for information.

Central to the inquiry is the platform’s handling of content related to Hamas’ terrorist attacks against Israel and the dissemination of illegal content within the EU.

According to the press release, the proceedings will focus on the following areas:

  • The compliance with the DSA obligations related to countering the dissemination of illegal content in the EU, notably in relation to the risk assessment and mitigation measures adopted by X to counter the dissemination of illegal content in the EU, as well as the functioning of the notice and action mechanism for illegal content in the EU mandated by the DSA, including in light of X’s content moderation resources.

  • The effectiveness of measures taken to combat information manipulation on the platform, notably the effectiveness of X’s so-called ‘Community Notes’ system in the EU and the effectiveness of related policies mitigating risks to civic discourse and electoral processes.

  • The measures taken by X to increase the transparency of its platform. The investigation concerns suspected shortcomings in giving researchers access to X’s publicly accessible data as mandated by Article 40 of the DSA, as well as shortcomings in X’s ads repository.

  • A suspected deceptive design of the user interface, notably in relation to checkmarks linked to certain subscription products, the so-called Blue checks.

“If proven, these failures would constitute infringements of Articles 34(1), 34(2) and 35(1), 16(5) and 16(6), 25(1), 39 and 40(12) of the DSA. The Commission will now carry out an in-depth investigation as a matter of priority. The opening of formal infringement proceedings does not prejudge its outcome,” the EU executives said.

“These are the first formal proceedings launched by the Commission to enforce the first EU-wide horizontal framework for online platforms’ responsibility, just 3 years from its proposal.”

With the formal proceedings underway, the Commission will intensify its evidence-gathering process, potentially involving additional requests for information, interviews, and inspections.

After the formal opening of proceedings, the Commission will continue to gather evidence, for example by sending additional requests for information, conducting interviews or inspections.The opening of formal proceedings empowers the Commission to take further enforcement steps, such as interim measures, and non-compliance decisions. The Commission is also empowered to accept any commitment made by X to remedy on the matters subject to the proceeding.The DSA does not set any legal deadline for bringing formal proceedings to an end. The duration of an in-depth investigation depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the case, the extent to which the company concerned cooperate with the Commission and the exercise of the rights of defence.

Musk is said to be considering withdrawing from the European market in response to this harassment, according to Reuters.

According to Euro News, “Chinese-owned AliExpress and TikTok, as well as Instagram and WhatsApp’s parent company Meta have in recent weeks received requests for information under the DSA, but no legal action has been taken so far.”

Meanwhile, New Mexico authorities have uncovered a series of communications among sex predators operating within the state using Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform, Instagram and Facebook.

Source: The Gateway Pundit


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