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Europe’s Oil & Gas Crisis is about to get much worse

Europe’s Oil & Gas Crisis is About to Get Much Worse

October 15, 2022: With Global Elitists on the hunt to kill the oil and gas industry, years of fake information and heavy regulations may just finally blow up the sector… just not how they intended. Average gas prices peaked above $5 per gallon in the United States in June, and were seen well above $2 per liter in Canada at the same time. In North America, these jumps are massive and throw the middle class behind in a year where inflation is already ripping the pockets of millions of Americans. Unfortunately, the energy crisis doesn’t stop there. Just by looking across the Atlantic, you can see a European continent where energy prices are through the roof, and a cold winter will test the true capabilities of European energy industries. According to, as of October 10th, the average cost for a gallon of gas in Germany is $7.20 USD. The reality is that energy independence is critical to the survival of a modern economy, and Germany’s dependence on Russian energy, combined with their woke “green transition”, is causing the country to approach their tipping point. Germany imports 34% of their crude oil, and 32% of their natural gas from Russia. With Germany’s plan to ban Russian oil by the end of the year, and further cut gas imports in the name of joining a flood of sanctions that don’t seem to be working, they’re gonna throw their entire economy under the bus. Oil and gas supply will be reduced to rubble in Germany and demand in the winter will only increase. Anyone with an economic mind understands that the economy will respond with a surge in energy prices that can easily sink Germany into deep waters. Germany could have prevented this potential blow to their economy if they refused to fuel the idea of a “green transition”, and instead focused on ways to import oil and gas from an ally as opposed to an enemy. Germany is a lead player in the scam of the century known as “climate change”, so they’ve been attempting to cut their emissions by shutting down nuclear plants and building fields of wind turbines and solar panels (stupidly in a geographical location lacking significant wind and sun). Unfortunately for them, renewable energy just isn't as efficient as natural fuels and, in a time, where their supply of natural fuels is being reduced dramatically, they’re realizing that their mistake of investing in a green economy has just come back to haunt them. Now in a panic, they’ve pledged to keep 2 of their 3 final nuclear plants open for the winter (plants that were supposed to be closed by now), and they’ve begun burning coal and wood again which ironically happens to be the worst kind of pollutant when it comes to burning fossil fuels. With Germany and other European nations facing these struggles, people across North America should be able to understand that energy independence and the continuation of fossil fuels is vital to the survival of a strong economy. Under the current idiocy of Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, the United States and Canada are only following Europe's path despite being such large resource-rich countries who both have the capabilities to be energy independent.

Begging Venezuela for oil and shutting down our own oil wells is not the way for the North American markets to recover from an already disastrous year. The verdict is that by ditching Russian oil and gas, Russia can exploit "non-green" energy sales to China (at inflated prices). This doomed-to-fail energy strategy of the west leaves Europe and North America in the dust, Russia with unchallenged access to 'non-green" energy profit, and the Chinese with an opportunity to amass and monopolize the world's inventory of all forms of energy. By ditching fossil fuels in the west, we are killing our production capabilities and the ability to live an affordable life.

So, this is the ultimate question. Will North America be able to abruptly transition to an aspirational "green-energy utopia", or will they reduce their oil and gas industries to rubble in the name of the lucrative but reckless pseudo-science of “global warming”? What is clear is that the decision to abruptly abort traditional forms of energy is a decision for the west to forfeit their energy self-sufficiency and rely on energy supplies that are monopolized by a cadre of communist countries controlled by evil dictators and rogue authoritarians who could care less about our utopian aspirations of "green energy".

By: Extremely American 17-year-old Insider & Canadian-based Guest Contributor ML


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