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FaceBook: Gang of Five Mark Zuckerberg emerges as a leading free speech tyrant & corporate terrorist

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Feb 22, 2021: In part one of our five-part series titled “Gang of Five: Tech Giant Oligarchs”, EA offered an overview of the Amazon behemoth and its filthy practices in retail, commerce and politics. In today’s article, we shine the “spotlight of depravity” on FaceBook and its slithery CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Without a doubt, the FaceBook enterprise and Mark Zuckerberg are among the darkest, most manipulative and sinister actors in modern society. We start our review of FaceBook by providing a profile of the organization’s business model and scale. Facebook is the world’s largest online social network, with 2.5 billion monthly active users. Users engage with each other in different ways, exchanging messages and sharing news events, photos, and videos. On the video side, the firm is in the process of building FaceBook Watch, a library of premium content. The firm’s ecosystem consists mainly of the Facebook app, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Users can access Facebook on mobile devices and desktops. Advertising revenue represents more than 90% of the firm’s total revenue, with 50% coming from the US and Canada and 25% from Europe. With gross margins above 80%, Facebook operates at a 30%-plus profit margin. Based on FaceBook’s most recent annual report, the company’s annual revenue for 2020 was $85.9B, a YOY 21.6% increase from 2019. This company is massive in scale and carries extensive global reach and market power. (2021 Morningstar Equity Analyst Report) According to Zuckerberg’s public profile, he considers himself to be an American media magnate, internet entrepreneur, and ‘philanthropist’. He is known for co-founding Facebook and serves as its chairman, CEO, and controlling shareholder. He is also a co-founder of the solar sail spacecraft development project Breakthrough Starshot, serving as one of its board members. But, to enter the “world of Zuckerberg” beyond a basic summary of his company and his official titles, is to enter something that resembles a nightmare of what the world is like in a sociopath’s troubled imagination. In the following article we will attempt to illustrate the nature of Zuckerberg’s sick mind and immoral goals by reviewing his path of commercial and political ‘activities’. Even in the profit-seeking eyes of Wall Street and the Wall Street investment community, major concerns continue to mount over the perpetual displays of immoral and unethical conduct by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. CNBC’s Cramer went so far as to say, “This company is a rogue in the eyes of other tech companies.” (CNBC’s Jim Cramer on “Squawk on the Street”) For the purposes of this article, EA will provide a sample of the disreputable conduct that has become characteristic of FaceBook’s role in commerce and society. The ethical transgressions of this tech giant and its CEO will be covered within the following themes: reckless transhumanism, antitrust behavior, collusion, censorship, political ideology, unethical hiring/firing practices, and uniparty affiliation. Transhumanism: Transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. It is a pseudo science and a ‘religion’ that inspires megalomaniacs like Zuckerberg and other similar global egotists like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and George Soros. One look into the ‘dead eyes’ of this collection of transhumanists is all that is required to fully appreciate the danger of these powerful CEO’s. The dead eyes of corporate leaders like Zuckerberg are matched by an equally soulless energy that comes only from these ‘borg-like’ non-humanists. Simply watch any interview with transhumanists like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Gates, Schwab or Soros and pay close attention to the non-human character of their words, ideas and spirit. Transhumanist leaders like Zuckerberg are dangerous to humanity and represent a modern vision and agenda that is a nightmare to any member of society interested in maintaining a sense of tradition, unique identity, personal dominion and unalienable rights. In reference to Zuckerberg, Gab CEO Andrew Torba stated, “They [transhumanists] make themselves gods with their technology, and they seek to enslave the rest of us. They start by enslaving the minds of the masses, but next they want to enslave our bodies through technology, controlling us as digital serfs.” Steve Bannon went as far as to say, “Transhumanist experiments are going on today and we are seeing a clear and reckless convergence of robotics, artificial intelligence, chip design and tecno-biological vaccinations aimed at total control of mankind.” (Bannon War Room – Steve Bannon;, February 22, 2021) This sort of power in the hands of unhinged, psychologically deranged, atheistic megalomaniacs like Zuckerberg are dangerous - especially when combined with an increasingly misinformed and blindly compliant population. Whether it is Zuckerberg plugging young minds into virtual reality headsets or Bill Gates injecting billions of people with his experimental universal RNA/DNA altering vaccines, these transhumanists are power thirsty psychopaths who should NEVER be trusted. They are selling a most evil and unimaginable form of ‘snake oil’ to humanity. Antitrust Behavior Facebook’s tradition of antitrust behavior (and subsequent antitrust lawsuits) is best highlighted by the company’s two largest acquisitions: Instagram and Whatsapp. Not only did these acquisitions increase Facebook’s size, control and market power over the entire social media space, but they also enabled the sharing of data amongst a concentration of the largest social media platforms on earth (operating under one banner). In a statement made by FTC Bureau of Competition Director, Ian Connor asserted, “Facebook's actions to entrench and maintain its monopoly deny consumers the benefits of competition. Our aim is to roll back Facebook's anticompetitive conduct and restore competition so that innovation and free competition can thrive." (January 2021) Mark Zuckerberg is rather open (and smug) about his company’s hostile competitive stance and strategy. It is common to hear Zuckerberg boast about the effectiveness of his ‘Buy-Deny-Apply’ strategy being leveled against FaceBook’s competition. Practical examples of Facebook’s application of this strategy include their acquisition of Instagram and Whatsapp, cutting off hundreds of thousands of API’s based on ‘strategic’ review processes (notably during the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal), and an ongoing tradition of copying solutions from other emerging competitors (consider the demise of SnapChat as a result of FaceBook’s predatory copying proficiency). In spite of Zuckerberg’s glib antitrust posture in America and around the world, his ‘buy or bury’ strategy may catch up with him. In the US, FaceBook is facing antitrust lawsuits from 48 states and the FTC appears to be sharpening its sights on the rogue behavior of the company and its CEO. Collusion FaceBook has a long tradition of exploiting collusive arrangements but none more dubious than its ‘Jedi Blue’ complicity with Google. According to a report from the New York Times, unredacted documents revealed an unnaturally attractive deal between FaceBook and Google. The 2018 ‘Jedi Blue’ lawsuit was filed against Facebook by the state of Texas. In the case docket, Google and Facebook were both confirmed as competitors in the digital advertising business, however, the former allegedly gave the latter preferential treatment in exchange for agreeing to back Google's Open Bidding ad marketplace. (NYT, Brandon Hill, February 18, 2021) According to NYT sources, Google offered FaceBook ‘special incentives’ including guaranteed ‘win rates’ and auction speed advantages not being offered to other Google partners. For example, while other partners were given 160 milliseconds to bid on social media ads that would be displayed on a webpage, Facebook was allowed a large competitive advantage of 300 milliseconds. Furthermore, Facebook enjoyed a direct billing relationship with websites while other partners were not afforded the same option. It was reported by the NYT that Google controlled pricing information, effectively putting up a wall between Open Bidding participants and the predetermined winning bids of their ‘preferred’ site owners. All of this is as dirty as collusion (anti-competitive price fixing and bid rigging) gets between two powerhouse tech giants. The most egregious aspect of the Texas case against Facebook involves the claim that the Facebook arrangement with Google guaranteed that FaceBook would be declared the winner in a predetermined number of auctions (regardless of the bidding efforts and bidding levels made by other competing participants). It is interesting to note that the word ‘antitrust’ is used 24 times in the ‘Jedi Blue’ agreement between FaceBook and Google. (NYT - Brandon Hill; February 18, 2021) The unusually high number of references to antitrust and collusion (plus the specificity relating to ‘remedies of cooperation and assistance’) smacks of the highest form of collusion, in and of itself. Of course, the most dramatic recent case of tech-giant collusion came in the form of tech’s largest titans (FaceBook, Twitter, Google, Amazon and Apple) each colluding to crush the fledgling and alternative social media platform Parler. While the Parler story continues to unfold, it is perfectly clear that Facebook and Zuckerberg are key members of the big tech cartel that rules the world by its nefarious instincts and ability to collude with other similar corporate giants. Censorship Facebook received well-deserved criticism during the 2020 US election cycle as it dialed up its censorship machine to unimaginable levels. Anyone who dared to share even the most subtle of opinions or ‘non-woke’ news stories would receive quick attention (usually in the form of censorship, suppression, shadow banning, suspension and/or cancelation) from FaceBook’s artificial ‘fact checkers’ and ‘social media hitmen’ going by the name Lead Stories. ‘Independent’ Facebook fact-checker Lead Stories is clearly a partisan ‘smear factory’ packed with CNN alumni. Indeed, Lead Stories is a biased outfit bristling with ex-CNN staffers who present themselves as neutral when, in fact, the organization is staffed almost entirely with influential Democratic donors and staff who worked for CNN in the past. Lead Stories founder Perry Sanders donates tens of thousands of dollars to DNC causes (including campaign efforts). Lead Stories is designated as an ‘independent fact checker’ by the Poynter Institutes International Fact-checking Network (IFCN), a phony operation fully funded by former eBay billionaire (and DNC funder) Pierre Omidyar and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. (NYP; November 2020) With this said, Facebook’s decision to police its social platform with the Lead Stories censorship thugs (staffed by former CNN & DNC flunkies) should not be surprising at all. Of course, Facebook’s tendency to censor is not restricted to America. Observers around the world have laid charges against Facebook for its apparent ease in cooperating with repressive regimes who seek to censor contrary views. (Townhall Finance - Frank Vernuccio; January 22, 2021) A recent example comes from Vietnam. Even Amnesty International has weighed into the Vietnam situation demanding that, “Facebook immediately reverse its decision to censor posts deemed critical of the government in Vietnam”. Amnesty International has sharply criticized the social media giant’s acquiescence with with Vietnam’s dictatorial regime. William Nee (Amnesty Senior Human Rights Advisor) elaborates by stating, “Facebook must base its content regulation on international human rights standards for freedom of expression, not on the arbitrary whims of a rights-abusing government. Facebook has a responsibility to respect freedom of expression by refusing to cooperate with these indefensible takedown requests.” To date, Facebook and Zuckerberg have arrogantly dismissed the concerns expressed by Amnesty International. The current situation in Australia is equally disturbing. Sharri Markson, reporting for Sky News and The Australian, has been covering Facebook’s ban on Australian news and the resulting fierce backlash. In response to the Australian government’s recent announcement to apply fees for all news circulating on the Facebook platform, Zuckerberg and his management thugs at FaceBook announced that they would “immediately restrict publishers and people in Australia” from sharing or viewing news content. Zuckerberg effectively silenced Australia by removing news from FaceBook in Australia. This is purely an attack on a sovereign government! Rather than continue negotiations with Australia, FaceBook used its market power (and customary thuggery) to pull up all stakes in Australia, effectively prohibiting FaceBook users everywhere from posting Australian sourced news. In other words, a sovereign national government attempted to assert its independence against Facebook, and, in response, Facebook ‘canceled’ the country. The extent of Facebook’s power allows it to threaten an entire nation by holding its social infrastructure hostage. Markson summarizes with these sobering words, “What we are witnessing is hardly a contractual dispute, but a power struggle between a sovereign self-government and a private corporation so dominant, it exists as a hegemon in its own right”. (Sky News – Sharri Markson; February 22, 2021) From individuals to individual nations, FaceBook and its CEO represent the worst form of absolute censorship in the world today. Political Ideology The political ideology and orientation of FaceBook and Zuckerberg is obvious. Rather than spending energy to offer editorial comments regarding Zuckerberg’s obvious progressive and socialist leanings, EA will present a few statistics and direct quotes to underscore the scope of Zuckerberg’s progressive socialist obsession. In 2020, Zuckerberg donated $350 million to boost Democrat voter turnout for the US federal election. (Headline Wealth – Joshua Paladino; October 28, 2020) One can only imagine if the Koch brothers poured this kind of money into ballot counting efforts during a US election. One can only imagine what would be said if a third world nation tolerated a private oligarch paying for the collection of ballots and counting of votes. Following Zuckerberg’s money not only highlights the degree to which he will pay into the DNC (and socialist) cause but, also, to intentionally use the strength of his riches and the power of his platform to sway the results of a federal election. This is illegal in every interpretation of constitutional law – but, as we all know, uniparty global elitists like Zuckerberg do not honor nor follow the law. In response to this sort of tyranny, Martin Armstrong went on record stating, “We have turned into a tyrannical society where we are to be denied the right to think for ourselves or consider that whatever they [FaceBook] are pushing is not compatible with our personal desires. This censorship is trying to impose one party rule and that is tyranny in its purest form” (Armstrong Economics - Martin Armstrong; February 18, 2021) NYP reporter Ahmari claimed that “Facebook [and Zuckerberg] is almost an arm of the Democratic Party — an arm of the far-left wing of the Democratic Party.” (New York Post – Sohrab Ahmari; October 19, 2020) The actions of Zuckerberg, the movement of his money, and the observations of independent social theorists all easily point to a man and a company predisposed and obsessed with globalist forms of socialism (and forays into authoritarian communism). Hiring & Firing The progressive FaceBook echo chamber reached a point of inflection in the months following the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal. Breitbart’s Lucas Nolan reported that Silicon Valley tech giant Facebook “saw a significant decrease in job offer acceptance rates following the Cambridge Analytica scandal where the personal data of 87 million Facebook users was compromised and left vulnerable”. (Breitbart - Lucas Nolan; May 17, 2019) This reversal in Facebook’s former recruiting strength was exacerbated and reinforced by the ‘installation’ of a non-inclusive, closeminded and punitive progressive echo chamber at FaceBook. In December 2020, the US Justice Department accused Facebook of discriminating against US workers. The lawsuit claimed the social media giant gave unlawful hiring preferences to temporary workers, including those who hold H-1B visas. (Insurance Journal – Sarah Lynch; December 24, 2020) The Justice Department said that Facebook ‘refused’ to recruit, consider or hire qualified US workers for thousands of openings every year. In effect, FaceBook channeled its open jobs to inexpensive and temporary visa holders who are easily forced into restrictive employment conditions including forced ideological and political orientation. According to the US Justice Department, FaceBook and Zuckerberg have “intentionally created a hiring system which denies qualified US workers a fair opportunity to learn about and apply for jobs at FaceBook”. Instead, the social media company seeks to channel jobs to temporary visa holders wherever and whenever possible. In terms of tolerance within the FaceBook work environment, Facebook employees who wish to speak freely must take to Blind, an anonymous social network for the tech industry. Blind is a platform where workers at major firms like Uber, Google, Twitter and Amazon trade gossip and blow the whistle on malfeasance and intolerance at their respective companies. NYP’s Ahmari interviewed a FaceBook employee who regularly takes to Blind with other fellow colleagues. According to the ‘FaceBook insider’, “if you’re left-wing, you can say what you want. But if you’re conservative, or even just apolitical, you have to go on Blind to anonymously speak your mind”. (NYP – Sohrab Ahmari; October 19, 2020) In summary, whether Facebook is seeking recruits, promoting from within, or terminating its employees, special advantage and preference is clearly given to the cheapest most vulnerable candidates and only to those who comply with the company’s strictly enforced progressive ideology. No one else is welcome into Zuckerberg’s echo chamber. Uniparty Affiliation Zuckerberg, simply stated, is right in the middle of the uniparty and the global elite’s ‘club’. He holds close ties with Soros, Schwab, Gates, Dorsey, Liu Yunshan and many other global ruling elites (this is an article on its own). It is always important to remember the wealth of Zuckerberg, the power of FaceBook, and the globalist ties held by Zuckerberg whenever you hear or see his fake words of socialist compassion and feigned woke causes. He uses all of these to manipulate the masses and grow his own personal wealth and power. Conclusion Mark Zuckerberg easily qualifies as a “gang of five” tech oligarch villain. His actions are those of a maniacal, rule breaking and power-hungry tyrant. His company is being used to steamroll millions of individuals, employees, companies and sovereign countries. As in the case we have with Bill Gates, Zuckerberg’s obsession with transhumanism and bio-tech experimentation should never be trusted. The best response to Zuckerberg is to ditch the Facebook platform and reject any thoughts/ideas coming out his mouth. Alternatives to Facebook include the following: Diaspora, Signal, Ello, Vero, Clubhouse, Locals and Reddit. It takes some effort and growing pains to migrate away from FaceBook, but it is enormously empowering and liberating when the decision is made to abandon the tyranny of FaceBook and its maniacal leader Zuckerberg. By: Extremely American Colin Wright



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