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Fauci Warns “There Will Absolutely Be An Outbreak Of Another Pandemic” - As Planned

Fauci Warns “There Will Absolutely Be An Outbreak Of Another Pandemic”

April 8, 2023: Anthony Fauci, the former chief medical advisor under Biden, warned another pandemic will be coming soon.

Speaking at a town hall discussion with Jim Acosta earlier this week, Fauci said “there will absolutely be an outbreak of another pandemic.”

Fauci said a pandemic could come as early as next year.


In March, Fauci made headlines after he suggested Americans will be “required” to get COVID-19 booster shots annually for the foreseeable future.

“And I don’t believe you were in medical school with Ted Cruz or Jim Jordan, but how many booster shots do you think we will be getting, there’s one available now, but how long in the future will we be getting booster shots?” Fauci was asked by ex-Boston Globe writer Mike Barnicle.

“You know, we don’t know definitively the answer to that, but it is likely that this thing is not going to disappear, it’s not going to be eradicated and it’s not going to be eliminated. So it’s going to be around, you know, for the foreseeable future,” Fauci responded.

“So, it is likely that we will require an intermittent — likely at the same time as we get a flu vaccine — at least once a year. Very similar to what we do to keep updated on our immunity against influenza. It is very likely that a similar situation we’ll be experiencing with Covid, namely getting a booster shot once a year, probably at the same time as we get an influenza shot,” he added.



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