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'Faucian Bargain' by Steve Deace – Finally a book that exposes the fraud Anthony Fauci

April 2, 2021: Faucian Bargain is a book that belongs in every home and should be read cover-to-cover by every American. The book covers the statements, positions and endless contradictions made by Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and arguably the most influential figure in the US during the pandemic. Fauci slithered his way into a role as the leading voice of the federal government's Covid response and as a top health “expert” constantly cited by the White House and journalists everywhere. This politically obsessed “public oracle”, with the assistance of fawning mainstream media and journalists, has been falsely anointed as a pop culture icon, a meme, a celebrity for celebrities, and a figure mistakenly “endeared” by the American people.

In Faucian Bargain, Blaze TV’s host Steve Deace makes the case that Fauci is the "most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history." Even though Fauci is wrong far more often than he is correct, however, the weight of authority given to him by deference from policymakers and the endless promotion of his opinions as scientific law by compromised fake news media makes him a difficult target to nail down. Unfortunately, when Fauci is wrong and as media covers for his disastrous errors (or perhaps his intentional errors), the consequences are dire.

Faucian Bargain challenges the mainstream media narrative of the coronavirus pandemic rather than interrogating the seriousness and gravity of the pandemic. Deace, however, suggests with abundant evidence that Fauci's proclamations on the dangers of the virus, on the effectiveness of wearing masks, and on the necessity for lockdowns have been inconsistent, unsupported by science, and routinely wrong. Deace also calls out the so-called "scientific consensus" on the effectiveness of nationwide lockdown policies. In what Deace terms “the dumbest management decision in American history", he cites world-renowned medical experts from Yale, Stanford, Oxford, and other respected scientific research institutions who carry opinions that completely contradict Dr. Fauci's recommendations and arcane expertise.

Deace asks many piercing questions like: Why are counter-experts' opinions not being considered? Why have we not seen these differing opinions vet each other in the public eye? Why are the counter-experts never mentioned or discussed by Fauci during the White House press briefings or by the mainstream media? What role did Fauci have in creating and releasing Covid-19 through his gain-of-function activities and funding efforts? Should the CCP Covid-19 virus be re-named Fauci’s Covid virus? These and many other questions (requiring a response) are covered in this book.

Deace argues that the keys to our country were effectively handed over to Fauci as he was able to hide behind early insincere themes (and themes that jeopardize our constitutional fabric) such as "15 days to flatten the curve" and "30 days to slow the spread" which created the foundation for stripping Americans of their God-given individual rights and liberty “indefinitely” – perhaps permanently? From here, Deace bridges into the dire consequences that relate to unending and perpetual lockdowns: ruinous effects on the economy, mental health decline, infiltration of socialist and authoritarian ideologies, inability of people to seek treatment for other life-threatening diseases, and other unintended but devastating consequences are all discussed throughout the book.

All claims and assertions made by Deace are backed by over 200 footnotes and highly credible sources. Deace encourages those who buy and read his book to follow-up with the primary research sources provided within Faucian Bargain. Gaining more information and knowledge about the events of 2020 and Fauci’s role in making matters worse will become increasingly important as media and other influencers attempt to turn Fauci into a false idol in 2021 and beyond.

Faucian Bargain is an important literary contribution that presents the challenge to Fauci that inept media and journalists have avoided for over a year. It is time to unveil the fraud behind Fauci’s “curtain” and this is the book to formally start that process. This book comes highly recommended to anyone concerned about the world around us today – arm yourself with the truth about Fauci and Covid by reading material you will not see in mainstream media. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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