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February 18, 2021 - Headlines

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Biden and the #uniparty are working diligently to ram through the inhumane immigration legislation that is designed to permanently lower wages for minorities in the United States. The #biden, #uniparty, #corporatist, #globalist plan will create a pool of cheap labor that will be exploited at the will of the globalists. The cynical plan also calls for a massive number of H1-B visas to be granted to international students thus reducing the cost of skilled labor for companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. US college students will likely look to federal and state governments for handouts and college debt forgiveness programs because of the poor quality of education afforded to American students. Experts note that all colleges in India and China focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as opposed to American colleges that are more concerned with race and gender. They argue that this puts Americans set to enter the skilled workforce at a massive disadvantage.

Nikki Haley was one of the first people to jump on the anti-President Trump bandwagon after January 6, 2020 by claiming that Time Magazine's MOST RESPECTED MAN IN AMERICA, "has lost any sort of political viability". That didn't stop the ever opportunist #uniparty member for begging to meet with Donald Trump according to Politico. Donald Trump flatly rejected the #neoconservative to the delight of the America First movement. According to sources, a #nevernikkihaley movement is quickly gaining momentum with Trump's grass roots army of supporters lead by #StevenBannon.

Coach David Flynn of Dedham Public School District fired the popular football coach for privately disagreeing with the left-wing social justice curriculum being forced on his children. The districts superintendent, the High School Principal and the Athletic Director are all rightfully being sued by Flynn. The "woke" trio of Michael Welch, Jim Fonest and Stephen Traister will be dealing with the powerful conservative rights organization known as Judicial Watch. Hope this case will act as a deterrent to all that would have our first amendment and due process rights striped

House Democrats have introduced another piece of "Hate" legislation aimed at President Donald Trump. The goal of the bill is to prevent any twice impeached President from burial at Arlington National Cemetery and to prohibit any federal building named in their honor. Poking and agitating the Trump base appears to be the goal of the #Uniparty but, the hateful H.R. 484 is expected to only increase DJT's support within his already massive voting block.

Anti-semite and suspected terrorist Ilhan Omar has been appointed by House Democrats to Vice Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Omar has long been suspected of being involved with an immigration scam and other nefarious activities but, the FBI and DOF are not expected to investigate. Over 1500 Orthodox rabbis are calling on Congress to rescind the appointment however, "fraudulent elections have consequences". According to a Poll conducted by J Street, 77% of Jews voted for Joe Biden.


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