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Feeble Anthony Fauci refuses to take blame for masks, COVID lockdowns that hurt kids (Video)

Feeble Fauci still won’t take blame for masks, COVID lockdowns that hurt kids

April 26, 2023: Anthony Fauci now breezily admits masks only worked 10% of the time and school lockdowns hurt kids, but still refuses to acknowledge he made mistakes.

Instead, he blames everyone else.

“There was a personification of me as a person who essentially closed everything down [but] those were public health recommendations that came from the CDC,” he told CNN Wednesday.

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield begged to differ: “It’s disappointing that people just don’t take responsibility and accountability for the consequences of their recommendations . . . Tony was clearly an aggressive spokesman for closures, school closures, shutdowns and mandates, and I would argue that all three of those policies were not effective . . . were not optimal for our response . . . We [should not] rewrite history and say the things we did were the right decision when in fact they were suboptimal.”

Failing to admit mistakes is about more than ego. It endangers us for next time.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and fellow sane medicos who have formed the Norfolk Group say a lot of mistakes were made and are calling for an honest, depoliticized evaluation of what went wrong.

“It’s difficult when you have leaders like Fauci misleading America on a [scientific] consensus when there wasn’t one,” Bhattacharya said last week. But we “need to de-escalate and [conduct] an honest evaluation.”

To that end they have created a list of questions for a future commission of inquiry to analyze America’s response to the pandemic. It’s not about laying blame, but about learning lessons.


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