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Florida State Department of Health catches the CDC (red-handed!) peddling invalid Covid case counts

August 12, 2021: The US Center of Disease Control (CDC) is at it again. The CDC, acting on behalf of the "special interests" of Joe Biden and the DNC, recently overstated Covid case counts by singling out the State of Florida. The CDC lied about the Florida daily case counts by overstating their 3-day metric by more the 50%.

For the period in question, the CDC published and "broadcasted" a daily Covid case count average of 28,317 (based on a specified 3 day range). The Florida Department of Health was quick to point out that the actual daily average (over that same 3 day range) was actually 18,795. This is an outrageous overstatement of Covid cases in Florida by more than 50%! This is clearly the CDC's attempt to take aim at Governor Ron DeSantis by lying about Covid statistics and attempting to undermine the Governor's exceptional record of success.

It is interesting to note that the CDC rejected Rep Carlos Guillermo Smith's (Florida District 49) "request for records" from the CDC report when submitted by Rep Carlos Smith - an obvious tactic by the CDC to cover up another set of their lies.

Three key points must be taken from this repeated pattern by the CDC. First, the CDC will glibly fudge and egregiously lie about their statistical "publications / announcements" in order to push their dubious agenda. Second, the CDC is calibrated to attack Red States and their governors (as instructed by Biden and his DNC goons). Third, the success of Republican governors like Ron DeSantis clearly represent a major threat to the CDC and their DNC "handlers".

The rule of thumb, at this point, should be to reject the CDC as a credible source of information and data. They have been politicized, weaponized, and calibrated to push the DNC political narrative and profit-seeking technocratic agenda. The CDC tradition of dishonesty and deceit is now recklessly out of control and unhinged under the Biden administration.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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