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Ford Motor Company announces plans to abandon America: A harbinger of things to come under Biden

Mar 18, 2021: Not surprisingly, the anti-business, anti-American Biden economic/fiscal/tax policy has major companies well into the process of migrating away from the United States (taking their investment dollars, corporate tax contributions, and jobs with them). In a dark stroke of irony, while Biden recklessly opens the illegal immigration flood gates at the southern US border, his economic and tax policies form the basis (or excuse) for America’s largest corporations to leave America in search of countries that offer a more “welcoming” corporate environment. None of this should come as a surprise given that Biden’s initial two months in office have been highlighted by (1) over 50 executive orders that undermine the economic and fiscal viability of America and (2) an “American Rescue Plan” that obsesses over useless "progressive" projects and setting an adversarial domestic investment and business climate. For more information on the American Rescue Plan, consider referring to the March 12 EA exclusive on this topic. (

After only two months into Biden’s illegitimate term, American companies are already plotting their exit as they gear up to navigate through and beyond Biden’s crippling tax plan. According to Breitbart News, the Ford Motor Company will be moving their $900 million planned investment plant from Avon Lake, Ohio to a new site in Mexico. According to the Breitbart report,

In a letter to Ohio Assembly Plant (OHAP) employees in Avon Lake, where Ford employs about 1,740 workers manufacturing its F-650 and F-750 medium duty trucks, UAW official Gerald Kariem said Ford had committed to investing $900 million in the project in 2019. The massive investment included a Ford commitment to bring a ‘next-generation product’ to the Ohio Assembly Plant for production by 2023 and an ‘exciting vision for the complete revitalization’ of the plant to secure employment well into the foreseeable future. These contractual commitments were an enormous win for the UAW, for the great state of Ohio, the community of Avon Lake, and most importantly the members of Local 2000.” (Trending Politics - Collin Rugg; March 18, 2021)

UAW officials claim that Ford executives formally announced they will leave the deal and re-direct their investment to Mexico. The official UAW statement reads as follows,

Unfortunately, Ford Motor Company has decided it will not honor its promise to add a new product to OHAP and, instead, it intends to build the next-generation vehicle in Mexico. Ford management expects us to just hang our heads and accept the decision. But let me be clear, we are making a different choice. We reject the company’s decision to put corporate greed and more potential profits over American jobs and the future of our members. We expect the company to honor its contractual commitments to this membership and when it fails to do so we will take action.

Oddly enough, even left-leaning “Never-Trumper” publications seem to be regretting the lost days of Trump’s America-First leadership and economic platform. In response to this Ford announcement, author and venture capitalist Vance stated emphatically in a NYT editorial,

“Total BS. If companies want access to American markets, they should hire American workers. There is much more to learn about this story. But this looks like a total bait and switch: they promised investment in Ohio and reneged. Great way to alienate even more F-150 buyers in the US. Not so good for Ford optics in media and public.” (NYT - JD Vance; March 18, 2021)

But progressive and liberal media (such as NYT and Washington Post) need to learn the true meaning and reality behind the cliché “Go woke, Go broke”. The economic and social consequences of useless progressive programs coming from politicians like Biden are extremely harmful to America; and the days of America-First President Trump offer stark differences between "America led by Trump" versus "America destroyed by Biden" and his socialist DNC party.

Here is the reality of the situation as it relates to Ford Motor Company. Despite Ford’s deep-rooted history in the United States (founded by Henry Ford in 1903), the automaker has more plants abroad than it does in the US. Of Ford’s total of 36 assembly plants, just eight of them are domiciled in America. Meanwhile, 28 of Ford’s remaining plants are found in countries like China, Mexico, Germany, India, Brazil, and Vietnam. China, alone, has seven Ford assembly plants! (Trending Politics - Collin Rugg; March 18, 2021) We can now subtract one more plant from the US and add one more to Mexico, compliments of Biden's faux-leadership.

Given Biden’s clear penchant for progressive policies that produce an “unhealthy and unwelcoming” economic and tax climate, one can only expect corporate America to send even more investment dollars and jobs away from our homeland. At the same time, Ford CEO Jim Hackett is happier than can be as he took home about $17.4 million in 2019 (source: Ford Annual Report). In conclusion, Biden and his policies make the decision for major corporations to pack up and leave the US with the only casualties falling on middle America and low-to-middle income earners – Biden is perfectly fine with this mess as he hides behind the veil of useless progressive programs. Brace yourself for more major corporations to announce similar decisions in the coming months as Ford is a harbinger of things to come under Biden. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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