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Former PM Stephen Harper: 'Pierre Poilievre is the best option for Canada's Conservative Leadership'

July 30, 2022: Even though the current race for Conservative Party leadership is all but over, former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has issued a strong and unequivocal endorsement of Pierre Poilievre.

Harper's message to all Canadians positions Pierre Poilievre as the powerful and uniting political leader committed to the freedom that has always been enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights.

Similarly, Harper is also confident that Poilievre is the candidate most capable of reversing Trudeau's disastrous 'progressive' policies that have driven Canada into a condition of soaring inflation, plummeting standard of living, societal division, and full-spectrum economic malaise.

Canadians are starved for someone who can stand up to the arrogance and smug tyrannical tactics (defined by WEF obedience and servitude) of Justin Trudeau.

Pierre Poilievre is Canada's best option to squash the "WEF-lapdog" and obnoxious traitor currently disguised as a Canadian Prime Minister.


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