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Fulton County & the 2020 Election: A case study in how to participate in the theft of a US Election

July 16, 2021: This segment of Tucker Carlson should infuriate every US citizen. As a wave of state level forensic election audits sweep across the nation, it is becoming crystal clear that the most egregious theft of a US national election took place in November 2020. Aided by the Deep State, technocratic titans, fake media, and nefarious globalist (anti-American) 'actors', Joe Biden and the DNC managed to steal the US 2020 election using a full array of unethical and criminal tactics. Despite every effort by mainstream media to cover up this most treasonous 'collaborative coup', the genie is officially out of the bottle.

The case of Fulton County (Georgia) presents a disturbing microcosm and lens into the depravity that undermined the 2020 US federal election - and Tucker Carlson covers the topic as well as anyone can.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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