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Dr. Anthony Fauci's intimate role in the Gain-of-Function Covid Disaster

Dr. Anthony Fauci's intimate role in the Gain-of-Function Covid Disaster Jan 26, 2021: For over a decade, there has been a clandestine and interminable 4-way tango between Dr. Anthony Fauci, the WHO, the CCP and the notion of "gain-of-function". To many, this statement may seem innocuous and underwhelming .. but this is far from the truth. Gain-of-function (GoF) in viral research is a high-risk field of biological study aimed at intentionally engineering, manipulating and increasing the virulence and lethality of pathogens and viruses. GoF researchers and global health agencies insist that this precarious branch of biological research better positions our scientists and medical experts to defend society against the possible emergence, mutation and spread of deadly pathogens and viruses (where they may occur organically, accidentally, or intentionally). This branch of biological study engineers and mutates the most deadly viruses possible (specifically exploring the potential for human infection) in order to advance the development of treatments and vaccines capable of controlling such deadly pathogens in times of pandemic outbreak. It is difficult to conclude what is more annoying: (1) watching politicians glibly disregard their own covid policy rules or (2) observing masses of humanity incapable of even a basic level of intellectual curiosity and skepticism in the face of pervasive covid health policy “irregularities and inconsistencies”. Consider the following sample of everyday observations and ask yourself how pure is the “science” of covid: - politicians consistently disregarding/breaking mask wearing and mandatory lockdowns - subjective definition and application of “essential services” - partial treatment favoring the application of covid rules for Fortune 500 companies - shifting and inconsistent application/definition of covid health metrics conveniently “leveraged” to support the interests of politicians, their political agendas and their “required political outcomes” - mysterious, ever-changing and non-transparent explanation of testing criteria, metrics, guidelines, and covid health policy best practices To cite the most recent example of unconscionable covid science hypocrisy, Chris Donaldson of Trending Politics (January 24) commented on the WHO’s conveniently timed announcement that thresholds for positive covid test (PCR) thresholds were to be “magically loosened” (a mere 48 hours after the illegitimate Biden inauguration!). More specially, note the following changes to PCR WHO thresholds: (A) Original PCR WHO Threshold - 1 PCR test result plus the presence of 1 clinical symptom (B) New PCR WHO Threshold - 2 PCR test results plus the presence of all clinical covid symptoms This is yet another egregious example of a “covid science” that is inextricably tied to the interests and agenda of progressive and globalist politicians and bureaucrats. From all of this, it is easy to conclude that our covid health “science” follows a path specifically designed by political leaders and an agenda far greater than the science of health. And, thus, when we are told to “follow covid science” we are actually being told to follow the science of politics! Extremely American Exclusive by Colin Wright


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