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Gates & Soros Organizations to acquire Mologic (manufacturer of a 10-Minute Coronavirus Test)

July 21, 2021: The Soros Economic Development Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will invest a combined 41 million dollars through the joint initiative called Global Access Health in Covid-19 testing giant Mologic. The radical technocratic/communist team of Soros and Gates portrayed this transaction as an act of "good will" done by two concerned philanthropists but those who have studied the histories of the two men are very concerned about the real reasons for the acquisition of Mologic. The marriage of oligarchs Gates and Soros by way of dominance in the fields of Covid vaccine technology and Covid testing technology is absolutely diabolical and represents a massive conflict of interest.

Consider that last summer, when the New York Times "reported" that the PCR tests with Cycle Thresholds (CTs) above 34 almost never detect live virus but most often, dead nucleotides that are not contagious. The Sentinel found that many private labs in Kansas used thresholds of 38 and 40, and another one in Lenexa potentially at 45. The state lab at the Kansas Department of Health initially used a 42 CT on its most commonly performed test; on January 7, they reduced it to 35. Thus, the test settings were intentionally set too high to produce false positives. This would support the globalist narrative that more people were getting sick than was actually the case. It also created the illusion that the illegitimate "Biden" administration was doing a better job than the Trump administration at controlling the spread of the Covid-19 virus, aka the Fauci/CCP Virus.

Owning the testing service Mologic will provide Gates and Soros the means needed to further control any narrative they desire. For example, they could use a high CT threshold if they wanted to enforced a mask mandate, close schools, or even the economy. They could also use a high CT threshold to justify MAIL-IN VOTING.

Given Soros's history of profiting from creating global social strife and given Gates' desire to depopulate the planet, its hard to imagine that these two villains are up to anything positive for humanity. At face value, the joint efforts of Gates and Soros to monopolize the full spectrum of Covid health science is a recipe for even greater crimes against humanity in the years to come.


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