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Gateway Pundit announces upcoming launch of Jan 6th Prisoner Information Website

Announcement from The Gateway Pundit

August 31, 2021: Monday marked the annual International Day of the Disappeared, observed by human rights advocates and families of victims around the world.

The day of remembrance pays respect to victims of political murders, imprisonment, secret imprisonment – and the families they left behind.

Gateway Pundit finds this a fitting moment to announce to our readers that on September 7, 2021, Gateway Pundit will be launching, an informational site about the more than six hundred (600) people Joe Biden continues to imprison, largely for entering a public building on January 6, 2021.

The overwhelming majority of Biden’s January 6th political prisoners are peaceful patriots, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters and brothers whose crime was walking into a public building to protest. The emerging totalitarian Uniparty headed by the Biden-Harris regime and whomever feeds Joe his dementia meds and tapioca and Kamala her lines and cackling, decided to weaponize the justice legal inquisition system and persecute Donald Trump/America First/anti-oligarchy supporters.

Gateway Pundit’s site features enormous amounts of information on each of the prisoners and will be updated on a continuing basis, providing opportunities to donate to the prisoners’ legal funds, their lawsuits, where and how to send them letters of encouragement, and news articles about their situation.

We all need to be kind and help these patriots through their hour of need. Many of us will be imprisoned in the coming months and years – at root, for the crimes of objecting to the lies of the “Biden” Regime…whoever they really are….

By: Extremely American Kevin Wright


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