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German Minister: "Gas May Run Out over the Winter Months", an outcome of Climate Change Policies

German Govt Warns Gas May Run Out over the Winter Months

By: Chris Tomlinson

October 2, 2022: German Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck expressed concern over the looming energy crisis this winter, telling German media that the situation was extremely tense and there is a possibility that Germany may run out of gas.

Habeck spoke on Friday, appealing to Germans to reduce their consumption of natural gas ahead of this winter a day after the German government launched a new price break programme to help Germans with the rising costs of energy.

The new price break policy will cover 80 per cent of regular consumption in a bid to try and get Germans to use less gas and make the scenario of shortages less likely.

“For the upper 20 per cent of normal consumption, you will certainly have to pay the full bill,” Habeck told broadcaster Deutschlandfunk Radio, Reuters reports.

Habeck added that Germany was facing an “extremely tense situation” ahead of the winter and added: “If we don’t save, if households don’t reduce consumption, we still risk not having enough gas in the winter.”

The appeal to Germans comes after Habeck claimed last week that German gas storage was at 90 per cent capacity and stated that Germany should get through the winter months “comfortably”.

“If everything goes well, savings in Germany are high and if we have a bit of luck with the weather, we will have a chance at getting through the winter comfortably,” he said.

“That means, however, that the storage facilities will be empty again at the end of the winter — in this case really empty, because we are going to use the gas,” he added. Last week’s words came prior to the suspected sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines which, in the case of Nord Stream 1, previously delivered large amounts of gas directly from Russia to Germany.

It is unclear whether or not the pipelines can be fixed at all. Some have warned that if immediate action is not taken saltwater could destroy the insides of the pipes themselves.

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Europe’s Energy Chaos: German Economy Reduced to a ‘Burning’ Fire as Cold Winter Looms – Minister Admits

By: Peter Caddle

October 2, 2022: Germany’s economics minister has publicly admitted that much of the nation’s economy has already been reduced to a “burning” fire by the ongoing energy crisis ahead of what is expected to be a cold winter for many in the country.

Robert Habeck, Germany’s Green Party Economics Minister, has outright admitted to the German media that his country’s economy is now — metaphorically — on fire thanks to the ongoing energy crisis.

Brought about as a result of Germany’s failed climate change agenda combined with the Ukraine war, the energy crisis is expected to leave many in the country unable to properly heat their homes over the winter months, with many officials in the country now fearing future riots and civil unrest as a result. Speaking to the German Press Agency, Habeck did not offer much reassurance for those worried about the financial state of the country, with the leftist politician warning that the country’s economy was now on “fire”, and facing “permanent damage” as a result.

“Sometimes it’s just a smouldering fire, sometimes the hut is already burning,” Die Welt reports the minister as saying. “In any case, the sustainability of our economy is in danger, there is a risk of permanent damage.”

Habeck said that he and his ministry were now working “flat out” to set up “aid programs”, and are now also discussing “the important question of financing in the government”.

“We must not lose any time here,” Habeck concluded.

However, while Habeck appears to be trying to give the impression that he and his government can handle the ongoing crisis, it appears that the German public is not convinced.

According to polling published by BILD on Tuesday, Robert Habeck’s support has collapsed, with his approval rating falling to 40 per cent seemingly as a result of his botched handling of the ongoing energy and cost of living crisis.

Things are even worse for Chancellor Olaf Scholz, whom half of Germans believe is not fit to serve as Germany’s Chancellor, according to data published by Die Welt. According to a report by the publication, only 38 per cent of people in the country now think that the leftist politician is the right man for the job, compared to 50 per cent who actively think he does not belong in the position.

Support for the hard-left “Traffic Light” coalition has also fallen substantially to the point that, if an election were held today, it is unlikely that the three parties who make it up would have remotely enough seats to govern the country.

By contrast, the populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has seen its support surge, with 15 per cent of people nationally saying they would vote for the party in the next election.

Source: Breitbart News

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