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Governor DeSantis differentiates between Real Medical Science & Mask Political Science

Video Link: Gov. Ron DeSantis on forced masking in schools

February 9, 2022: Covid Tyranny and the "Covid Shell Game" all began with the lie "15 days to flatten the curve" while wearing a cheap disposable mask and going into lockdown. More than two years into the "pandemic", most politicians continue to use "political Covid science" to push and embed authoritarian control and unlawful intrusions into personal health decisions. The extent of this tyranny spans all age cohorts, including an all-out attack against our children in school and at home.

Thankfully, in some jurisdictions, exceptional leadership has been demonstrated.

Throughout the pandemic, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has managed to safely and effectively lead all Floridians through the pandemic while staying true to the rights and freedom of his residents. The result is a happy, healthy, and energized population of Floridians participating in one of the strongest and most prosperous economies in the US and around the world. Florida is the envy of other states and regions; Florida is considered the dream destination for those who value freedom and good governance; Florida is the home state of America's Governor!

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