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Governor DeSantis employs Bill SB2006 to lead Floridians out of the “Covid era” with strength

May 7, 2021: True to form, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the charge to move on from on from the Covid era and allow his residents to live freely and in good health. Simply stated, DeSantis is done with all things Covid. Following the science of good medicine and public health, DeSantis has systematically and methodically done away with all the things that no other leader has had the courage or strength to do at any level of government. The lockdowns, the mask mandates, the business closures, the limited capacity thresholds, the vaccine passports, and all other government and public health excesses and abuses have been eliminated by this great Governor. The State of Florida is ready to move on under the steady leadership of Ron DeSantis – and the State’s residents, consumers, employees, and small business are all the better off for it.

At a bill signing ceremony for SB2006, Governor DeSantis declared,

The fact is, we are no longer in a state of emergency. I think that is the evidence-based thing to do. I think folks that are saying they need to be policing people at this point, if you’re saying that, then you’re really saying you don’t believe in the vaccines.”

The signing of the SB2006 bill on May 3 officially and effectively put an end to the state’s pandemic response. Private businesses can still require masks and enforce social distancing, but vaccine passports are now banned under state law – Floridians not interested in being forced into experimental vaccines can now breath a collective sigh of relief unlike anywhere else in the US. In addition to the State position on Covid passports, emergency orders can now only last 42 days, and there will be stronger checks and balances on the state’s usage of ’emergency’ powers to infringe on citizens’ liberties. These measures and the strength of conviction by Governor DeSantis demonstrate, yet again, the governor’s commitment to protecting and preserving the constitutional rights of all Floridians.

The Orlando Sentinel reported, “According to SB 2006, which DeSantis signed, any emergency orders could only last as long as 42 days. It also gives the governor the authority to overrule cities and counties at any time, and city and county commissions the power to overrule mayors.” The measure ensures that any Floridian cities being governed by rogue progressive mayors and city counsels can be ‘held honest’ in the management of their municipalities and residents. The Orlando Sentinel went on to report that “The law grants the Legislature power to overrule any emergency mandates or restrictions by the governor, which DeSantis implied was to prevent future Democratic governors from issuing restrictions Republican Legislatures don’t like.”

It is well worth noting that Florida had one of the best Covid responses of any large state. This is particularly impressive given that Florida is a State with a large, at-risk elderly population. According to the latest data, 30% of the state is fully vaccinated and daily Covid case-counts and mortality rates are trending well below national averages. All of this with a disproportionately older population and an economy that has been far more ‘open’ for a longer period than any other State. Economically speaking the State is trending well ahead of the national average and is best-in-class amongst the largest states. (Trending Politics – Kyle Becker; May 7, 2021) The end result is a Floridian population that is happier and healthier than any other large State in the US. Not surprising, people from all over the US and the world are making Florida their dream destination for permanent residence under the protection and leadership of the strongest Governor in the United States. DeSantis has carved a path and created a successful blueprint for all other Governors to follow - not to mention DeSantis has created an expectation that every citizen of the US should expect from their respective elected officials.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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