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Governor DeSantis eviscerates the CDC and its outrageous actions in his latest press briefing

July 25, 2021: Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis continues to slay dragons and defend the rights and interests of Americans. During this press briefing, Governor DeSantis elaborates on the un-American and counter-intuitive practices of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). According to DeSantis, the CDC "continues to issue their dictates without a firm statutory basis" raising a huge question about a single agency in government (without legal approval from Congress) unilaterally shutting down major industries, such as the Cruise Industry, under the auspices of their own "insulated" and narrow interests and authoritarian pursuits. DeSantis concluded that nowhere is the deranged and anti-American conduct of the CDC more evident than seen in its conspicuous leniency towards millions of unverified illegals crossing the Southern Border. On the other hand, the CDC appears to be obsessed with the "practice" of laying excessive public health restrictions and demands against Americans who are simply seeking to live their lives responsibly, lawfully, and in freedom.

The leadership skills and unwavering patriotism of Governor DeSantis were on full display in this masterfully delivered press briefing on a very important and complex topic. DeSantis is clearly a "President-in-the-making".

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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